Mexico's Tallest Building Evacuated for Third Time

by Infidelesto on September 2, 2007 · 1 comment

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Considering Mexico hasn’t really been hit hard by Islamic terrorists, this may be some sort of a wake up call for them.

Aug. 31 (Bloomberg) — Mexico’s Torre Mayor, the country’s tallest building, was partially evacuated today after an anonymous bomb threat, a police spokesman said.torre_mayor_mexico.jpg

Dozens of police searched the Mexico City building after authorities received a call warning of a bomb in the parking garage, police spokesman Ricardo Olayo said in a telephone interview. Building officials said occupants had evacuated voluntarily.

The partial evacuation indicated heightened concern after authorities found a bomb in a parked car in the building yesterday and ordered an evacuation. There was a another threat, which turned up nothing, on Aug. 29.

“Everybody is really panicked because of what happened yesterday,” said Diana Sanchez, a worker on the 32nd floor. “Everybody is very nervous.”

, built in 2003, is 225 meters (738 feet) tall, according to Emporis Buildings.

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