Michelle Malkin interviews Laura Ingraham

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Laura Ingraham has a brand new book released today called “Power to the People“.  Michelle talks with Laura about the new media (blogs), Sept 11th, Iraq, Islamic terrorism, our leadership and the world wide global war Islamic radicalism.


From the inside flap of her book:

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve had enough.

  • You’re fed up with sell-out politicians who won’t defend our borders;
  • a Hollywood that peddles profanity, pornography, and Al Gore and Rosie O’Donnell as “entertainment”;
  • schools that teach our kids more about condoms than about the Constitution;
  • and snooty judges who think it’s their job to legislate for us.

But there’s a way to stop the madness and return power to the people – where it belongs. Laura Ingraham, the most-listened-to woman in political talk radio, shows us how to take back what is ours. In Power to the People she provides a riotous, take-no-prisoners journey through our besieged culture and gives us a battle plan to re-make it anew, the way the Founders intended – strong, patriotic, pro-family, and unapologetically God-fearing.

Part exposé, part practical manifesto, and wholly entertaining, Power to the People is written in the style of Laura’s fast-paced, no excuses, action-oriented radio show, weaving in personal tales of her own struggle to right the culture and the politics of our country: including

  • how she derailed the appointment of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court
  • mounted a grassroots campaign against corporate America’s sponsorship of one of pop music’s biggest and most profane rap stars
  • and torpedoed the amnesty bill that would have granted instant legal status to millions of illegal aliens.
  • And for the first time, Laura also reveals how she found her faith during a moment of deep loss, along with poignant details of her year long battle with breast cancer.

Over the years Laura has jousted with everyone from Michael Moore to Bill Maher to the Dixie Chicks. She once worked in-side the “dinosaur” media (CBS News and MSNBC) and knows the deceptive techniques practiced by those who “report” the news. In Power to the People, she holds back nothing, and takes the fight beyond Right versus Left to show you how to reclaim the culture and win. If you’re tired of bewailing America’s course, if you want to know what you can do to protect your family and restore our country, Power to the People is the book for you. –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

thanks to Hotair and Michelle Malkin for posting this.

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