Muslims "moderates" wonder why Americans don't trust them: Here's why

by Infidelesto on September 4, 2007 · 2 comments

Do you like this story?

Because when a “moderate” helps fight Terror, THEIR OWN MOSQUE casts them out.

When a reasonable person who lives by the Muslim faith helps in stopping terrorism, they get chastized, ridiculed and ultimately ran out of their own Mosque. Take this Canadian Muslim for example who helped authorities stop a terror plot in Canada and now his own “brothers” “don’t trust him”.

Where’s the “moderate” voice? Answer: THERE IS NO MUSLIM MODERATE VOICE. Muslims who see the light, realize they’ve been duped when their own people turn against them for thwarting terror plots.

From the BBC

A self-confessed Muslim fundamentalist has told the BBC about his police informant role in helping to stop an alleged terrorist attack.

Canadian Mubin Shaikh befriended men who were allegedly plotting truck bombs in the downtown area of Toronto.

It is also claimed they discussed storming the parliament in revenge for Canada’s military role in Afghanistan.


When some of the group allegedly tried to buy three tonnes of ammonium nitrate, police moved to arrest 17 men and youths.

Muhammad Robert Heft, who runs P4E, a Toronto charity for Muslim converts, said: “I personally believe that Mubin Sheikh had good intentions and I personally believe he was trying to keep Canada safe.

“Had he really thought about it, and realised that the Muslim community is so sceptical of the intentions of people out there, he would have reconsidered and not taken the money in order to keep the Muslim community on his side.” (for thwarting a major terror attack, he is labeled a traitor by Muslim “leaders”, and they wonder why we don’t trust them -ed.)

But Mr Shaikh told the BBC he could have earned a great deal more and didn’t do it for the money

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  • dobus

    You can see where “moderate” gets you- Please see the light- They are all Muslims- They read the same book- They believe what they read- They are all the same- And if their cult of evil demands they kill and conquer us, then we ourselves must no longer be moderate and politically correct- Take the same stand they do and demend they get out of our countries NOW, men, women and children- Or face the end of our civilisation [with Hussein's help] with a pitiful and unheard whimper- We need to take a big look at religious freedom and reconsider the options- These bastards are ARMED- So was Waco, and they’re gone-