Pope criticizes Islamic law: let the riots begin

by Infidelesto on September 21, 2007 · 3 comments

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So he’s basically criticizing the Koran, Sharia law, Mohammed, apostasy, goats, burqua’s and prayer rugs.

Let the riots begin!!

Thank you Benedict for advancing the exposure and eventual demise of the most tolerant and peaceful religion on earth.

via W Zip

The Pope has again risked provoking the wrath of the Islamic world, by criticizing its treatment of Christians.

Benedict XVI attacked Muslim nations where Christians are either persecuted or given the status of second-class citizens under the Shariah Islamic law. He also defended the rights of Muslims to convert to Christianity, an act which warrants the death penalty in many Islamic countries.

His comments came almost exactly a year after he provoked a wave of anger among Muslims by quoting a Byzantine emperor who linked Islam to violence.

Yesterday, near Rome, the 80-year-old pontiff made a speech in “defence of religious liberty”, which, he said “is a fundamental, irrepressible, inalienable and inviolable right”.

In a clear reference to Islam, he said: “The exercise of this freedom also includes the right to change religion, which should be guaranteed not only legally, but also in daily practice.”

Addressing the problem of Islamic extremism, he added: “Terrorism is a serious problem whose perpetrators often claim to act in God’s name and harbour an inexcusable contempt for human life.”

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  • Robert B.

    A pity he seems to be the only religious leader that can see the danger we face, and is unafraid to speak his mind. I only hope he is not truly “martyred” by some fanatic. He is putting himself out as a too-tempting target by speaking the truth about that cult of death.

  • jen the rednek

    the religion of Islam wants its members to be able to practice freely. However, they are not willing to give that right to Christians? How can they expect to be taken seriously as a religion with that big of whoops in their reasoning?

  • Rudy


    muslims are like that because they are deluded and brainwashed into thinking that muhamhead the pedophile lunatic was a prophet, instead of the murderous, child-molesting, inbred piece of crap that he in fact was. That’s why no one with any brain capacity takes islam seriously.