Rudy Giuliani demands MoveOn discount at NYtimes

by Infidelesto on September 13, 2007 · 0 comments

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Go Rudy! here’s the Audio with transcription provided by Weekly Standard

“I call upon the New York Times to give us the same rate–the heavily discounted rate–they gave for that abominable ad, that was in a very, very coincidental way published on the same day that General Petraeus testified, in which, which is well known for its character assassination of Republicans, decided to participate in character assasination of an American general in a time of war.”

“This is unprecedented. And we are going to ask the New York Times to allow us tomorrow to print an ad that will obviously take the opposite view. We believe, unlike Hillary Clinton, that General Petraeus is telling the truth.”

“We think that her attack on General Petraeus was a follow-up to the attack. I’ll tell you what she said, it’s pretty simple, you go interpret it, because it’s typical–how can I say this in the kindest way about the Clintons–not the most direct way of saying what it is you are trying to say…. “

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