Sarkozy on Iran: "stronger sanctions"; Nuclear Iran "unacceptable"

by Infidelesto on September 20, 2007 · 0 comments

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This is what I like to see.  Some common sense coming from the French is a breathe of fresh air.

If current sanctions are not sufficient, Sarkozy said, “I want stronger sanctions,” he said in a televised interview. But he insisted that France does not want to see tensions lead to war.

The United States and other world powers suspect Tehran of seeking nuclear weapons, while Tehran insists it only wants nuclear technology to produce electricity. Two rounds of U.N. sanctions have failed to end the deadlock.

It’s a very difficult matter, but France does not want war,” Sarkozy said. He said negotiations with Iran were still possible.

Sarkozy, known for his frank manner, dispensed with diplomatic niceties when referring to Iran’s nuclear activities.

Iran is trying to acquire a nuclear bomb. I say to the French, ‘It’s unacceptable,’” Sarkozy said.

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