Terrorism caused by US capitalism: says Villanova Professor

by Infidelesto on September 16, 2007 · 1 comment

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Despicable anti-American, Bush obsessed educators in America.

Rick Eckstein is a Professor of Sociology at Villanova University and an instructor in the University’s Center for Peace and Justice Education.

Eckstein teaches the course “War, Imperialism and Terrorism,” in whose syllabus he makes clear his belief that terrorism stems not from militant Islamic fundamentalism, but rather from inequities born of American capitalism. The syllabus reads:

“In this class we will explore war, imperialism, and terrorism as reflections of national and international social inequality. As the U.S. wages its seemingly endless ‘war against terrorism,’ and its episodic wars on other nation-states, it is increasingly important that we look beyond slogans and good/evil dichotomies to understand why so many people are dying … in the name of peace and freedom. I think of this course as an antidote to our cultural emphasis of reducing complex social phenomena (such as war, imperialism, and terrorism) to moral dichotomies and/or personalities. There is a lot more to these social phenomena [than] ‘good vs. evil’ and crazy people. However, you should be warned that these more complex explanations often indict us as co-conspirators in the institutionalized violence so prevalent in our world.

During the next several weeks,” he adds, “we will explore the nature of capitalism and how the internal logic of this political economic system makes war, imperialism, and terrorism seem perfectly normal; kind of like economics and politics by other means!

Oh and guess what his required readings are…

  • Lenin’s Imperialism: the Highest Stage of Capitalism
  • Gore Vidal’s Dreaming War: Blood for Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta
  • Noam Chomsky’s polemic, Media Control

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  • Texas

    I'm all for capitalism because I make lots of money in it and live very well.
    But morally and factually speaking, the dudes got it right.
    Fuck morals and facts. Fuck self-hating liberal Americans, sympathizers and the tree-huggin panzies.
    What's wrong with imperialism? Nothing. It's perfectly natural. Only people who bitch about it are the losers and self-hating panzies.
    Can't say that about those socialist commie bastards. It's unnatural.
    Sure, "morally" it might be the "right" thing to do. "Share the wealth", "War on Poverty!", end human suffering and all that bullshit. It's unrealistic. There are winners and there are losers.
    So, fuck that. I won't give one single penny for some pathetic piece of shit lazy muzzlim bastard kid off in some shithole of the world, and why should I? Let the little fuckers kill each other off fighting over who gets to rape their sister first.
    Better yet, send in the army and hurry it along.