The Sanction of Evil

by Infidelesto on September 27, 2007 · 0 comments

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I find it hard to believe that there are so many people in this world who ignore evil. It’s astounding to see people from the dirt poor, all the way to the elite class sanctioning evil on a daily basis. Even the democrats give safe haven to evil people.

I watched the democrat presidential debate last night. I try and watch these debates (although they piss me off), just to get a clear perspective of the leftist democrats. Hillary to me, looks like the only sane of the group, and that’s not saying much knowing her policies and viewpoints. A couple things I got from watching last night:

  • Democrats really don’t believe there is a terrorist threat here in America
  • They honestly believe that the worldwide reputation of America is more important than our own national security
  • They are anti-war no matter what…drop 5 nukes on NYC and they still wouldn’t strike back…to anyone.
  • They are socialist to the core. Gravel, Kucinich, Edwards, Richardson….Communists in the making.
  • They don’t see Iran as a threat.
  • Poverty in America is a bigger issue than national security.
  • They are obsessed with:
    • Ending the war, even at the expense of genocide and Iran dominance in Iraq.
    • Bush hatred

The astounding ignorance of the recognition of Evil is disgusting among these potential leaders. Thank God we had smarter people running things when this country was founded. These leftists don’t express true American values. They preach European values more than anything: control, socialism, globalism, political correctness, and the overall blindness of the liberal mindset. We are watching Europe wither away before our eyes to an eventual Eurabia.

It’s not just the Democrats.  Our liberal educators at Columbia invited a terrorist to come and speak in front of the school. Mahmoud made his visit and got exactly what he wanted. Bollinger made some tough statements to him but it didn’t matter. The people booed Bollinger and cheered Evil. I can’t help but wonder what the average American thinks when they see what happened this week.  It’s been a sad week here in America.

Today, the people of Iran are hailing their great leader for standing up to the “bully” America in which Bollinger, to them, so seemingly represented. Giving him a forum was the ultimate hypocrisy of freedom of speech.  I still believe the majority of Americans are too naive to realize the threat we are facing today. The sanction of evil goes hand in hand with the liberal mindset.

Can you imagine a guy like Obama or Kucinich or Gravel or Edwards being in power when we were attacked on 9-11 or at Pearl Harbor? It would have been devastating for this country. Hitler may still be in power today if it weren’t for FDR standing up to evil. War today is inevitable and it’s not our fault. If republicans lose the White House next year, there will be dark, dark days ahead of us.

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