British troops sent to Iranian border

by Infidelesto on September 12, 2007 · 2 comments

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Daily escalations of war.

British forces have been sent from Basra to the volatile border with Iran amid warnings from the senior US commander in Iraq that Tehran is fomenting a “proxy war”.
British soldiers return to action as tensions between US and Iran grow

In signs of a fast-developing confrontation, the Iranians have threatened military action in response to attacks launched from Iraqi territory while the Pentagon has announced the building of a US base and fortified checkpoints at the frontier.

The UK operation, in which up to 350 troops are involved, has come at the request of the Americans, who say that elements close to the Iranian regime have stepped up supplies of weapons to Shia militias in recent weeks in preparation for attacks inside Iraq.

The deployment came within a week of British forces leaving Basra Palace, their last remaining base inside Basra city, and withdrawing to the airport for a widely expected final departure from Iraq. Brigadier James Bashall, commander of 1 Mechanised Brigade, based at Basra said: “We have been asked to help at the Iranian border to stop the flow of weapons and I am willing to do so. We know the points of entry and I am sure we can do what needs to be done. The US forces are, as we know, engaged in the ’surge’ and the border is of particular concern to them.”

[...]The move came as General David Petraeus, the US commander in Iraq, and Ryan Crocker, the US ambassador to Iraq, made some of the strongest accusations yet by US officials about Iranian activity. General Petraeus spoke on Monday of a “proxy war” in Iraq, while Mr Crocker accused the Iranian government of “providing lethal capabilities to the enemies of the Iraqi state”.

In an interview after his appearance before a congressional panel on Monday, General Petraeus strongly implied that it would soon be necessary to obtain authorisation to take action against Iran within its own borders, rather than just inside Iraq. “There is a pretty hard look ongoing at that particular situation” he said.

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  • Para Trooper

    The Iraqi gov. needs to share oil revenue and power among the 3 major groups. They must learn to defend themselves. US troops need to come home, and be deployed in A-stan, where the T-ban/AQ movement lives and breathes. Soon 2 decisions will have to be made. 1] Strike targets inside P-stan, since our $10 BILLION dollars we gave them has not motivated them. 2] When do we strike IRAN? Who will participate? Will Israel move on Syria, push into Lebanon, and DESTROY Hezbollah? I have been deployed close to 51 months since 9/11. Lets get the job done, make the Iraqi’s stand up, share wat they have, and lets go back to A-stan and finish the hadj’s off. P-stan is thier new sanctuary, and if you read that US forces crossed into P-stan, its true. We do it all the time. Wats needed is the destruction of the 30 or so camps, compounds that house our enemy. Whether P-stan likes it or not.

  • Para Trooper

    The real question is “when do we strike Iran?” They are building a bomb, God help us if they mount one on a long range missle. A massive air-strike, carried out by a coalition of the sane, and intestinal fortitude should target all nuclear facilities, airfields, IRGC bases etc. and knock them out of the box. Germany need not apply, since you voted AGAINST sanctions. Gutless and hiding behind the US, I have NO respect for you.