Condemning Rush Limbaugh non-statement; idiocy beyond comprehension

by Infidelesto on October 1, 2007 · 0 comments

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Hypocrites trying to save face. The Democrats will condemn Rush’s “phony soldiers” comment, which was based on ACTUAL phony soldiers…but they refuse to condemn the despicable ad put out by MoveOn.

I don’t think they’ve actually read Rush’s transcript. Since when do the Dems take the Media Matters, DailyKos talking points? You would think they would actually read what he said rather than pick it the most convenient words possible, like “phony soldiers”.

The Democrat party is getting more despicable by the day. The idiocy of these politicians is unbelievable. They are a pathetic anti-war, socialistic, hippie movement. The REAL democrat party is DEAD. Where are all the sane Democrats?

I can’t help but dream of the day we can have new representation in our legislature. There needs to be a MAJOR house cleaning and I’m not just talking Dems, but Republicans too. I’m sick of the idiocy coming out of Washington.

Michelle Malkin has a nice roundup on this…

Bryan from Hotair says they should be condemning ABC too:

So if the Democrats are all set to pass a stupid, pointless resolution condemning Rush, they ought to add ABC News to it. If they’re interested in more than just nailing Rush because they don’t like his politics, anyway. Because unlike the MoveOn “General Betray Us” ad, what Rush said actually had factual context. He was talking about actual phony soldiers.

WorldWideStandard calls it “bottom-of-the-barrel desperation

It’s hard to see the left as defenders of the honor of our military, considering how rarely they come to the defense of our men and women in uniform. Case in point, the member of Congress who has slandered the U.S. Marines and refuses to apologize. But instead of running into a lefty buzzsaw of indignation, they regard him as a hero.

Redstate – “exposing lefty hypocrites…again

A third grade reading level is all one needs to read the transcript and realize Rush was specifically talking about the Scott Beauchamps and Jesse MacBeths of the world — soldiers who have decided to make a living by telling lies about American soldiers. Be sure to read this Influence Peddler post to see just how solid the ground is Rush is standing on.

Now comes today. After spending several weeks bashing General Petraeus and then proclaiming that House action to condemn the bashing would be a waste of time, House Democrats intend to denounce Rush Limbaugh today for going after the phony soldiers.

You might need to read that again.

The Democrats did not want to condemn attacks on General Petraeus, but they want to condemn Rush Limbaugh for taking on the phony soldiers — the ones who lied to make the real soldiers look like war criminals.

Yet again, Rush has proven the left to be the hypocrites they are.

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