Congressman refuses to condemn Sharia Law in the US

by Infidelesto on October 9, 2007 · 40 comments

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Mel Watt (D-NC) says that Sharia Law in the US is a “religious principle” and that it would be unconstitutional to deny someones right to vote for their religious principles. (via Jihadwatch)

One of his constituents writes on July 26th, 2007:

To the Honorable Representative of the State of North Carolina:

In order to assure the protection of the American People and the preservation of our Constitution, I think at this point in American history it would be a good idea to introduce legislation like the following:

“In no instance shall the practice of Islamic Sharia law be established or permitted within any state or territory under the jurisdiction of the United States of America.”

Thank you.

And Congressman Watt’s response came on Sept 14, 2007

Thank you for your email about the establishment and practice of Islamic Sharia law in the United States.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religious principles. Therefore, I believe that the language proposed in your email would be unconstitutional and I would not support it.

I appreciate your input on this issue. If I or my staff can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Melvin L. Watt

It is unbelievable to me to see the incompetence of so many men and women in Washington.  If I were the constituent, I would write to Mel Watt and ask him a couple questions regarding his refusal to condemn Sharia Law in the US.

  1. Would you support the subjugation of women under the constitution of Sharia Law?
  2. Would you support stonings of young men and women for adultery and other so-called anti-Islamic crimes?
  3. Would you support imprisoning anyone who desecrates the Koran or writes cartoons about Mohammed?
  4. Would you support the imprisonment of political dissenters across the United States?
  5. Would you support the death penalty for apostasy?

Watt either doesn’t have a clue what Sharia Law is, or he’s just another appeasing far-left pacifist of the most violent cult on earth, who thinks that “well, is the people want Sharia, then I support it”

These people make me sick.

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  • Kim Hartveld

    Forget about the five points you’ve mentioned: those are just details.
    The real question is: would you support giving up democracy?

  • Kufar Rafuk

    Much of what is allowed under sharia law is already disallowed under United States law. For example, it is illegal to beat women to death if they are perceived as not sufficiently Muslim. It is illegal to have sex with children. It is illegal to non-surgically amputate people’s hands as a punishment for a crime. Illegal under United States law, but legal under sharia law.

    Congressman Watt spoke out against the display of the Ten Commandments in secular courts. He declined to vote on removing the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. It is possible that Congressman Watt prefers to let existing United States law that goes against sharia law stand, and where United States law is silent and sharia law is not he prefers to let people make their own decisions.

  • Robert B.

    Any doubt why congress has lower approval ratings than President Bush?

  • todd s. morrison

    i agree whole heartedly with infildesto. america should by law stop any chance of sharia law anywhere in this country. the accomidations of the religion are ridiculous too. why are we living so defensivly. we need some patriotic top legal minds to get on this because it has already gone to far

  • Anita Crosby

    This little ol Grandmother thinks that idiot in NC needs to be run out of office and have his stupid ass kicked at the same time.

  • Ben Novick

    Congressman Watt and, lawmakers like him need to understand the anger of the American people concerning positions such as he has taken, to not condemn Sharia law. This is not due to legal principals but, due to the fact that a fifth column has infiltrated our country, in an effort to palatate to us that Islam is good for us. After the next terrorist attack, these dissenters will be exposed as subversives and, enemy agents. We will need to build POW camps.

  • Rudy

    POW camps would be a waste of time, since idiot liberals like Watts would demand the terrorists civil rights not be violated. Better to deport them or send them to Guantanamo Resort. I also hear Egypt has some lovely resorts frequented by jihadi muslims.

  • Cher

    Democrat Government is destroying America as we know it.  If the  people in America who is “democrat”.. open your eyes to what is going on in this country of ours and stop the democrat government from destroying us. We the people need to stop taking baloney from them and  keep this country…it is ours and not Islam. If they want Sharia Law…they can take their buns back to desert.
    Boot Watt and other’s like him out of office! We dont need them to take us to hell and back!

  • Salimah

    First I would like to congrandulate Congress man Mel Watt on his courage to speak the truth.  Look at what you have now and think how can you make it better you are a man God created God has not only given you a body, land, water, food but He has created a Law to follow.  The Sharia is the Laws God wants us to follow.  Think how this would help instead of hurt of course everyone is addicted to the way things are now and could not imagin a change even if it is for the better of the whole.  Look at the debt we are in now as US citizens Look at the health care system, look at the increase in sex, diseases from children having multiple partners and men going out on their wives to have affairs with prostitues.  The Sharia looks like a big bad pill to alot of people but even medicine comes in shots they hurt first but then you feel alot better.  Just think of where the US spends alot of money .. Gambling, Alchol,
    Sports, Sex, Violence, Wars.  Okay now tomarrow no more lotto, Millions of dollars saved, to pay off debt, No more intreast Millions of Forclosed Homes Saved, No more alchol Millions of lives saved ( including wife abuse, child abuse, drunk driving killings, suicides decreased).  Overall you have more benifit than what you fear.

    • garand

      What an idiot you are. My family and I would fight muslim fools like you all the way back to the sands where you came from to stop the spread of this disease you perpetrate.

    • pattiarmstrong

      You are saying that none of these terrible things like alcohol, gambling, prostitution, etc. are committed by any muslims…. You have got to be kidding me. Your women and children are possessions not persons in your laws.
      the men of course don't get the same cruel treatments if they commit sins. Muslims and Islam (which is your political system) not your religion, is absurd. You commit SIN just like everyone else. SIN is the problem with the world and you commit just as much of it if not more in your religion/law than everyone else does. Are you sure you can stand before the Lord and say if never did anything wrong. No Muslim ever drinks, smokes, gambles, or commits adultery. What a crock!
      It is for you, as it is for each individual to be responsible for his or her actions. Stoning, mercy killing, mutilating someone because they committed one sin, yet you commit another type of SIN is wrong. We are all sinners who have fallen short of the glory of GOD the father, and killing others just because they SIN a different SIN than the SIN you do is WRONG. If we all fall short of the Glory of God then we all need a Savior… NOT a killing Muslim to set us straight. I don't hate you I feel sorry for you. I know you are the enemy who wants to take over the entire world. Well you going to have a rude awakening one day when you stand before the Lord Jesus and He say's, “I never knew you” because you never acknowledged HIM. Let SIN be what it is. Let the Lord Jesus be my JUDGE. I do not want to live the life you force the women in your religion to live. I want to be responsible for my own SIN, the day I stand before the Lord, and be sooooo grateful that I know HIM and He knows me, SINS and ALL.

    • Chasityjeansanders

      Sharia Law brings nothing but death with it , it is not the american way and we don’t want it here . If you people like being kills and hurt for nothing then go back to the east . You can go there and marry all the babies you want to , but i will be damned if I sit back and watch you put people to death , cut off arms and legs or rape children YES ITS RAPE, A CHILD CAN NOT SAY THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX . If you want it and love sharia law so much leave the USA ..,..

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  • Tonto (USA)

    Mel Watt is not only an idiot, (proven because he’s a Dem) but he is a liar and a crook.  He spoke in congress indicating that there were no problems in Fannie Mae that would require more regulation or oversight.  He’s a scumbag right up there with Balarney Franks (who is another “resident peice of shit” in Congress).  And look, Salami, if you want to live in the slavery of islame under sheerya, you have at it.  I believe that God gave us “Free Choice”.  By choosing a rightous path freely, with the guidelines in the Ten Commandments, and recognizing Jesus as our savior, we get to go to heaven when we die.  We don’t have to bully anybody, or kill anybody, burn churches or schools, blow up ourselves and other people or make our women walk around black tents.  My God gave me a better deal than your moon-god.

    • ljcarolyne

      Tonto: Though you said this 11 months ago, it is even more revelent today. I thank you for your heart, and strong stand with God and Country. I can't say this enough. Grrrr!

  • jennyjen

    Tonto, he’s an idiot, a liar and a crook. Best I can tell he has a lot in common with the Muslims.

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  • countermoon9

    You are barking mad. As if this even need to be said – U.S. law always prevails. Do you really think any jurisdiction can or does allow, for example, a Sharia-following husband to mutilate his wife's genitalia because he decides she committed adultery? Go back to your whacky cave, whacky cave person.

    • Infidelesto

      You missed the point. We're simply showing the pure ignorance and incompetence of politicians in power. They haven't a clue and it's dangerous for this country when people like this are representing us. Get a clue…

      • ljcarolyne

        Agreed as aways, Infidelesto. Not getting any where with this kind of dung. Kick this Mel's A$$ out and anyone else that agrees with this Form of Insanity, GRRRR

  • A Patriot

    Another sickening sign of the disease called “political correctness”. Send them back to their middle eastern sh*tholes lest they turn this country into a cesspool as well. I've been there, and they are barbarians. I wrote more on it at wordpress here:

    Bad business indeed.

  • garand

    This buffoon should be voted out of office. America has no place in it for the fools who practice sharia law. It is an idiotic set of ideas.

    • A Patriot

      Voted out of office is a mild thing… I have other suggested actions for him, but I don't think I need to post them here. What a tool.

      • garand

        I can read between the lines.
        All I have to say is Amen!


  • A Patriot

    Voted out of office is a mild thing… I have other suggested actions for him, but I don't think I need to post them here. What a tool.

  • garand

    I can read between the lines.
    All I have to say is Amen!


  • Jennifer

    You guys are just a bunch of bigots in this site. You faith to realize the principle of Sharia only allows a Muslim to be under its rule. Sharia never applies to a non-Muslim. Grow up and get a life!


      Am I a bigot ?

      You betcha !

      So Sharia Law doesn't apply to infidels, huh?

      Say that to Daniel Pearl…

      Filthy muslim liar, taqyah-teller….

    • Infidelesto

      you're kidding yourself if you think a non-Muslim can go to any Sharia-ruled
      country and do things that would be illegal for a Muslim. Laughable…

    • Jim

      Is that right??? Well, Shariah Law, by itself, may only apply to Muslims. However, I fear that U.S. law will start to derive itself from Shariah Law. It's a very slippery slope to go down. America has no place for wife-beatings, honor-killings, or any of the other crap that the sandy people seem to think is ethical and moral.

      • Kal_El

        Shariah law also applies to those who are conquered by islam. Look at the minorities in Iran, Saudi, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, etc… I do agree it is a slippery slope, but thankfully, B Hussein Obama and his cronies cannot ever deny We The People what the Second Amendment guarantees us.

    • DPREX

      Jennifer….what an ignorant you are….you should be deported to the Middle East for a year or so and THEN come back and tell us this comment again, IF YOU CAN.

    • Sirwilhelm

      Oh, then what is jizya?

  • Jennifer

    I meant fail.

    • hellosnackbar

      Since Islam is a synonymn for failure then faith and fail would demonstrate a “Freudian slip”!

  • Howard Weaver

    We are the people of this United States of America. Our country was founded on the principles of fair and decent freedoms with inalienable rights guaranteed. We love the Son of God Jesus Christ whose blood was shed on Calvary for the remission of sin. We uphold the privileges available to all as given in the Constitution of these United States available to all including freedom of religion, however, we must not forget the greater commandments of our Lord and Savior and count His death as naught by granting anything but freedom to the Muslim to exercise free-will in their religious practices. We cannot exclude provisions for mercy, grace, decency, and the right to life for anyone in this country. God will deal with the forces of Satan and those that deny Christ. We must not allow barbarism in these United States of America by allowing Muslims to force our citizens to recognize Sharia Law within our borders. If they do not like America, then put them on a plane bound for their homeland.

    • Beejj

      I would like you to explain something to me: that Jesus died FOR THE REMISSION OF SIN. What does this mean? Who said it? I hope I am not being difficult when I request that you reply using simple, straightforward language, rather than religious mumbo-jumbo.

    • Sirwilhelm

      How long do we have to wait for “God” to “deal with the forces of Satan and those that deny Christ”, while those forces kill in the name of their “God”, Allah? If “We must not allow barbarism in these United States of America by allowing Muslims to force our citizens to recognize Sharia Law within our borders.” If we must be the ones to stop that, what do we need “God” for? I think we should go with “God helps those who helps themselves” and deal with this “religion” ourselves. That’s the real problem, our freedoms of religion should not apply to Islam because it is a militaristic political organization disguised as a religion. What religion needs laws like sharia to keep it’s members in line?

  • SirWilhelm

    There is a difference between law and principles. Our laws are based on principles, and people can live principled lives, becuase those principles agree with and align with the laws of the land. Sharia law is just that, the principles of Islam embodied in laws that dictate the principles Muslims are allowed to live under. They believe that sharia law should always take precendence over any other law. In other words, they believe it is their duty to impose their laws and principles on everyone else no matter where they live. That directly contradicts our Constituion! That belief trancends religious belief and principles and becomes political, because laws are the embodiement of principles through politcal action. But then, that’s one of the reasons Islam is disguised as a religion, to confuse the issue and make it easier for it’s politcal goals to be realized. And too many people like this legisaltor can’t see through it.

  • Tim

    When are we going to start Recall.Com to end the continued functioning and voting of these TRAITORS in our government thru the constitutional mechanism of recall elections??? While we are at it let us start impeaching Supreme Court judges also thru Impeachment.Com!! Read your Constitution–it does not even say that Supreme Court judges have a “life term” !! Sharia law would be a repulsive concept to the writers of the Constitution of the
    USA who definitely say to fools who wish lose their freedom: Really? Are you kidding me??