How will George W Bush be remembered?

by Infidelesto on October 4, 2007 · 13 comments

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the eventual perspective of George W Bush’s legacy. 10-15 years from now, we will look back at his presidency and know what precisely defined his term in office. Sure there are many things that we’ve disagreed with him about, but what will stand out about George W Bush in the broad historical outlook of American history?

Some things we’ll know for sure…

  • It won’t be about alienating his Conservative base.
  • It won’t be about supporting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.
  • It won’t be about him believing Islam is a “Religion of Peace”
  • It won’t be about failing to secure our southern border.
  • It won’t be about successful tax cuts, or the Harriet Myers debacle, or support for the Dubai Ports deal.
  • It won’t be about out of control spending.
  • It won’t be about failing to engage/communicate the American people on a regular basis about Iraq or Afghanistan
  • It won’t be about his silence in the unjust cases of Ramos/Campeon or the Haditha incident.
  • It won’t be about his in-articulate manner

Although many of these things may stand out at this point in time, I don’t believe they are what he’ll be remembered by. There is one thing that people will look back and remember…and that is…

The President who, in the face of Islamic Terrorism, stood up for America.

Why do I think this?

This will be the one thing that stands out because when, in the future, we are knee deep in Islamic extremism, and several more 9-11′s have come to America, George W Bush will be remembered as the guy who started the job, didn’t give up, didn’t accept defeat, refused to listen to the American and International media and refused to pull out of a war that he knew in his heart, was the right thing to do.

Many believe this war will last several decades if not several generations. Look past Iraq; look past Iran; look past Afghanistan. There are fundamental reasons why we are fighting the war on Islamic Terrorism outside our soil. Many in America understand the threat, and many in America think it does not exist at any level.

After 9-11, GWB refused to sit back and wait for us to get hit again. He took the fight to the enemy and never faltered on his decision.

10-15 years from now, when we’re still fighting this war on Islamic Terrorism, when we have someone else in Office calling the shots, when we’ll either be back at home, (Democrats) not engaged, leaving the for the rest of the world to fend for themselves, or still oversees, (Republicans) using the power of our military to help other countries, actively engaged against Islamic extremists around the world, how will we remember the man who started the job.

George Bush has incredible resolve. He ignores his critics, and follows his conscience. Although he may not fully understand the Islamic threat we are facing, he remains steadfast in the fight. Despite the overwhelming outcry from the American and International media, he has remained diligent. He understands the fundamental underlining reason WHY we took out the Taliban, and WHY we removed Saddam, WHY we’re still in this war after 4 years and WHY we’ll probably be in it for several years to come.

This War is going to take many, many years, and I believe that Bush will ultimately be remembered as the guy, who in the face of Islamic terrorism, took the first step in the worldwide battle and ultimately stood up for the rest of the world, and more importantly, stood up for America.

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  • archdeacon

    The only President who ordered the bombing of the USA on 9/11.

  • Anonymous

    The only President who ordered the bombing of the USA on 9/11.

  • Fu

    Your a fucking dipshit moron.

    • Karkarat

      he is right dude. George W Bush is in my opinion the best president we have had in several decades, and mych better han fucking Obama. ”save the economy my ass”.

      • Hellosnackbar

        Canada firebum! why would GB be afraid of entering a civilised country?
        Is that where you live?;you or your antecedents having fled the Islamic hell hole whence you came.
        Buy the Pat Condell anthology or download it from pirate bay.
        It’ll help you dump your silly faith and help you become a human being.
        Then you can join us here laughing at the barbaric idiocy of Islam.

      • Kal El

        Karkarat, I like the way you think! =)

      • Benjamin

        No, you’re wrong. His father was a much greater man and a much greater president than he was. Bush single handidly destroyed the Republican Party as it was a party that used to support freedom and liberty. The patriot act? No child left behind (big government) and several others. He then left the party with a vacume for power. This caused the far far right to take over the party. You lost almost all of your moderate republicans, including myself. Obama has gradually fixed the economy. Its tough to do when you had to work with a crisis caused by republican ideology. There has been a recession after each and every republican presidency since the great depression.

  • Firefly

    He shall always be remembered as the only ex-President of the United States who is so afraid to enter Canada.

    • Kal El

      No one is afraid to enter Canada, he just has no desire to.

  • ak

    tell me you were high when you were writing this

  • Tonto

    George Bush WILL be remembered as one of the BETTER presidents of the USA. If the truth were boldly told, the WORST presidents the country has ever seen were democraps… Historically, democrats have done more to damage the USA than ANY outside source or ANY combination of enemies, or ALL outside enemies together at the same time. George Bush’s accomplishments so far out distance anything the bat-eared idiot we presently have as to be ridiculous….and if you liberal, ignorant, uneducated pukes don’t understand why, I suggest you pull your heads out of your “collective” asses and take some classes.

  • TJ

    bush’s post ratings keep going up

    • Kal El

      Obviously. I have been a firm believer since 2004 that history would vindicate him.