Good news in Iraq "should not be reported"

by Infidelesto on October 8, 2007 · 0 comments

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Hotair has the video from the Howard Kurtz show.

Journalists explain why good news about decreasing casualties should not be reported.

Good news: 4 consecutive months of declining American deaths in Iraq.

  • NY times page 10
  • WaPo page 14
  • USA Today page 16
  • LA Times a couple paragraphs at the bottom of Page 4

Kurtz: Should good news get more press?

Robin Wright (WaPo): “Not necessarily” “the numbers are tricky”


Yet when speculative reports such as Haditha, the Times or the Post makes it FRONT AND CENTER news.

“Haditha Murders” when most charges have been dropped.

These despicable journalists will jump to place any news to the front page that demoralizes our troops or de-values the effort in Iraq, yet when any good news comes out of Iraq it is suddenly “speculative” and the “numbers are tricky”

agenda driven media. and they call Foxnews biased…go figure.


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