New target: Couples; Iran's moral crackdown continues

by Infidelesto on October 21, 2007 · 1 comment

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The great loving state of Iran always trying to keep the moral authority going.

Iran’s police are to keep up their moral crackdown through the winter months, confronting couples whose behaviour in public is deemed to be inappropriate, officials said on Sunday.

Iran in April launched what has proved to be its most severe moral crackdown in years, handing out warnings to thousands of people for dress deemed to be unIslamic and other outlawed behaviour.

In a sign of the seriousness of the drive, police are to continue the crackdown in winter, the Fars news agency reported, whereas in the past it has been restricted to the summer months when dress is skimpier.

Ahmad Roozbehani, the head of the moral security police, was quoted as saying by the agency that his forces would be targeting “inappropriate” behaviour by couples in public, be they married or not.

“If someone is walking down the street with their legitimate partner, police will not ask for identification from them but if an obvious offence occurs or a report is received we will confront this.

“This also applies to the behaviour even of married couples. They should not have inappropriate behaviour and draw attention to themselves.”

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