Islamic terrorists officially endorse Hillary Clinton in 08

by Infidelesto on October 8, 2007 · 1 comment

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Good job, Hillary.  Your foreign policy is making terrorists love you.

via WND

WASHINGTON – With presidential primaries approaching and the race for the White House heating up, Muslim terrorist leaders in the Middle East have offered their endorsement for America’s highest office, stating in a new book they hope Sen. Hillary Clinton is victorious in 2008.

I hope Hillary is elected in order to have the occasion to carry out all the promises she is giving regarding Iraq,” stated Ala Senakreh, West Bank chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terrorist group.

The Iraqi resistance is succeeding,” stated Hamed. “Hillary and the Democrats call for withdrawal. Her popularity shows that the resistance is winning and that the occupation is losing. We just hope that she will go until the end and change the American policy, which is based on oppressing poor and innocent people.”

The Brigades, together with the Islamic Jihad terrorist group, took responsibility for every suicide bombing in Israel the past three years. The Brigades also has carried out hundreds of recent shootings and rocket attacks.

Abu Ayman, an Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin, said he is “emboldened” by Clinton’s calls for an eventual withdrawal from Iraq.

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  • R. E. Konrad

    Is there a way we can GIVE Hillary to them…you know, to keep? We could even offer to throw in Bill, Kerry and Ted Kennedy at no extra cost.