Lars Vilks names new guard dog "Mohammed"

by Infidelesto on October 18, 2007 · 22 comments

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The guy accredited with the lastest muhammed cartoons and numerous death threats, even a fatwa from the Al Qaeda in Iraq, has named his new guard dog “Mohammed”.

Brave men standing up for free speech, good to hear.

via Hotair

The logic and composition is crystal clear. The foundation for the whole roundaboutdog project was the exhibition in Tallerud which had the name The Dog in the Art. [Background here. — ed.] Well, now is the time to introduce a new member of staff.

The artist Vilks has gotten himself a specially trained guard dog, the dog Muhammed, watching each and every movement 24 hours a day.

When you first get to know Muhammad she sure is likeable, yes, it is a she, but the genus perspective is just a mark. For those who do not know Muhammed, getting close should only be done after taking a lot of precaution.

She seems like every other dog with a bone on its favorite carpet. But nothing is as it appears.

Oh yea, and the dog just happens to be a female

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  • web001

    i am from San Francisco, California , i don’t have to explain what is Islam, i just have to say that i have a brother and a father and they hate me because i am not follow the Islam , i lose my  brother and my father, i am sure the will continue to hate me

    • dweeb55

      Hey buddy, brother, I will be your brother if you want. I am an atheist. A communist. I love the world, not the differences in it, but mother earth as it is. I will never hate you or hurt you. You are part of the fabric that makes humanity. And you know what happens if you pull a loose thread. It unravels.

  • jennyjen

    K, this is GREAT! He names his female guard dog Mohammed, LMFAO! That’s a sturdy right hook in the face of Islam and I love it! I’m picking up a female pit bull next week, she’ll be freshly weened, Mohammed would make a wonderful name! I think I’ll go with Allah! :)

  • Kal

    How revolting!!! That is a horrible insult!!! To the dog :P

  • jennyjen

    Shall I name it Infidel? C”mon yall I need a killa name for my female pit! Her coloration is like a gun-metal gray/blue, beautiful and she will have a huge head and chest, I’ve seen the parents. I’ll change my pic to hers when I get her, I just need a name!

  • Kal


    Name the dog Kafir (infidel) :D

  • jennyjen

    Hells yeah! I’ll make sure to take her to play by the local college that has a large Muslim population, they even have a small mosque. Fetch Kafir- Good Kafir. Oh hell, I see my future shenanigans and it’s great!

  • Liz

    You hang in there web 001.  Just keep your head down, so they don’t get you in an honor killing. Be praying for you!

  • Accredited Distance Learning

    That's a very useful article. I will be sure to send it around to my friends over at facebook and myspace.

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  • Killer

    You fucking pussies , I hope Allah makes dogs bum you in hell , you ass pirates , jennyjen you hoe , try bringing that shit outside a mosque and we will make a example of you beatch

    • Beejj

      Reckon you can handle Jennyjen, muscle man? Phew, I AM impressed. Allah? That imaginary piece of shit is as useless as tits on a bull. Go go away and play with your willy, you unhinged buffoon.

    • SirWilhelm

      If you believe in Allah, you must believe in Hell, don’t you? And Allah makes Hell sound so bad, you must do everything he says to stay out of it, don’t you? Hiding in your mosque and planning to kill infidels so you’re guarenteed to go to paradise? Is that why you want jennyjen to bring “that shit outside a mosque”? So you can run inside and hide after you “make a example of you beatch”? My pussy cat could kick your ass, if I had one.

    • Jon6mmxc

      Charming fellow aren’t you little man.

    • Kal El

      Brave man, spitting empty threats on the internet. I have a greeting for you, I learned during my time in the ummah. Allahu manyak khanzir. It is not as precise, but you are sure to get the idea, being a worshipper of the pedophile Muhamhead. As for bringing shit outside a mosque, there was one adjacent to my apartment building, and I made sure to toss the bones of pork ribs over the fence and onto the rooftop at every opportunity. Funny that you betray the truth about islam, implying violence will be visited upon us for insulting islam in front of a mosque. I thought islam was a religion of peace, sharmutah?

  • Anonymous

    lol Lars its just asking for it, and then we ask why they did it

    Its like the idiot that walks down the dangerous street with money, even though he knows its dangerous, and he clearly has money..

    Wont be surprise the day some moron gets his way with him

    • SirWilhelm

      It’s been over three years since this article was written, and they haven’t gotten him yet. But the really sad thing you don’t get, is that he has to worry about being attacked over stating his opinion through a cartoon, because some ignornant followers of a so called relgion, don’t recognize the right of free speech anywhere in the world, even outside their own countries where they live. It’s even sadder that people can use violence to intimidate people outside their own country’s borders, or outside the boundaries of their religion’s following. Express your displeasure over the cartoon, that is your right under the principles of free speech, but don’t advocate the suppression of it, because it lessens all our freedoms.

      • Anonymous

        So true, HOWEVER as I said… this man knows what he is doing, playing with fire

        He is well aware how the Muhamadoos react to anything against the religion of peace, so he brings it onto himself. Yes, we have been silenced with violence when ever we speak of Islam, and I do believe its a one way street with these savages, but what you don’t seem to get is that you don’t call the devil and not expect to loose your soul

        • SirWilhelm

          If I call out the Devil, I may lose my life, but I will not lose my soul. If anything, by defying the Devil, I may save it. The Devil takes the souls of those that do his bidding, not those that reject him. And if any do the Devil’s bidding, it’s Muslims, who fall for his deceptions and lies through Mohammed, and his probable disguise as Allah, if you believe they are real entities.

          • Kal El

            Wow. That was very well put. In that case, I spit in the Devil’s face, and hope to meet him, so I can give him the finger and tell him what a pussy he is. Assuming, of course, he even exists.

  • Jon6mmxc

    I feel sorry for his dog that she should end up with the name muhammad.
    I would not even name a pig muhammad as this name is associated with the most evil and vile religion and it’s progenitor was as vile a man to ever walk this earth.


    This dog’s union oughta sue Mr.Vilks for defamation and…HELLO, PETA, where are you when you are needed the most? There’s a poor dog being viciously harrassed and nothing is made to protect him?