Lou Dobbs common sense on American Flag Pins

by Infidelesto on October 9, 2007 · 8 comments

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via Hotair



cartoon by Michael Ramirez 

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  • jannela castillo

    you guys are dumb making fun of our president

    • Anonymous

       What a well thought out rebuttal of all the criticisms leveled at Obama. Your well thought out, profound, and factually accurate counterpoint to legitimate concerns about the presidency clearly demonstrate what is wrong with America and exactly how he got elected.

    • http://madaboutmahound.blogspot.com/ Gary Rumain

      Only idiots voted for him. Are you an idiot?

    • SirWilhelm

      That’s ok, nothing to worry about, he’s really an illegal alien posing as our President, so we’re not hurting anything by making fun of him. It certainly doesn’t seem to bother him, does it? Unfortunately, he’s doing a lot of harm to our country while he’s at it, but, that doesn’t bother you, does it?

      • Beejj

        I attempted to reply to this, Sir W, but seemingly failed. Disqus is a bit wonky, isn’t it? Hey, hang on! My reply HAS appeared, but not as a reply, if you catch my meaning. Weird.

  • Beejj

    How right you are, Sir W. The man is a deadly menace to your country and the world. Presidents make mistakes, but Obama is not making mistakes in the accepted sense of the word. He has not put a foot wrong. He has his agenda and is patiently putting it into practice, all the while undermining everything America has stood for and laid down lives to defend. The American has always been the guy willing to stand on his own two feet, face difficulties squarely and meet every challenge, confident that he is his own man in control of his own destiny and possessed of the courage to refuse to be a loser. Not for him a welfare state. Obama, however, fosters welfare state mentality, thereby appealing to weaklings and those of a mindset alien to American thought and brainless enough not to appreciate that by feathering their nests through hand-outs they are plucking the Bald Eagle truly bald. “The American Dream” has long been part of the world’s lexicon. We all know what it means and we admire and envy the concept. It is a notion invented by traditional, hard-headed Americans in whom the pioneering spirit never died, and it swiftly took a fledgling nation to world dominance. Obama offers a nightmare of decay. I cringe when I hear this man say, “God bless America”. God help America would be more apposite.

    Yet, the fact must be faced: America is certain to wallow under the yoke of this deceiver for another four years. The Republican presidential hopefuls are surely the most inept, feckless parcel of dimwits the country has ever seen. Had Obama been asked to select a bunch of Republicans to fight out the Primaries he would surely have picked this lot. They are an insult to the GOP and do lasting damage with their every utterance. Depressing, isn’t it?

    • SirWilhelm

      They are not such a great insult to the GOP, because, sadly, the GOP is not up to it’s former standards. It, too has been infiltrated by Leftists, pretending to be Republicans. Like in the country as a whole, they are a minority, but have postitioned themselves in postitions of leadership and control. The Democratic Party has been effectively taken over by the left. Any Democrats that don’t recognize that, are useful idiots. All too few Republicans appreciate the degree of infiltration they’ve suffered, on the other hand.

       Every day, we see evidence that all levels, and all branches, of our government, have been taken over by the Left, effectively enough, so that we seem increasingly helpless to reverse their agenda. I feel, and sense, our freedoms slipping away, and it is very depressing. The Red Dawn has come, without guns, missles, or troops, but even more effectively. I fear blood is yet to be shed, but, once more, the forces of freedom will be the revolutionaries fighting tryanny, and the outcome will be in doubt.

      • Anonymous

        Grover Norquist.

        Those two words sum up what is wrong with the GOP.