Political blogosphere: Left vs Right

by Infidelesto on October 25, 2007 · 0 comments

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An interesting article out of the Washington times by Gary Andres today talking about the political war going on in the blogosphere between Liberals and Conservatives.

It has always been my belief that although there are far more liberal blogs who have more daily traffic than most conservative blogs, the sheer number of small conservative blogs outweighs the number of readers from a few HUGE liberal blogs.

In other words, more conservatives have their own blogs…but the fewer number of Liberal blogs has an immense amount of daily traffic. I guess the sheep fall where they may…

The liberal blogosphere thrives on negativity, activism, and one line jabs. It also lacks total credibility because of the inability to critically analyze the TRUTH.

As I heard Dennis Prager say the other day, “The Left is not concerned with telling the truth as much as it is about demanding equality among the people. Value is more important than TRUTH, and the Left admit it.”

Conservatives are critical thinkers who analyze issues at a core level without the bias of the liberal agenda. Conservatives believe in the individual while Liberals tear down the individual, but praise the GROUP.

I look at Liberalism as the “easy way out” of critical thinking. It’s easy to blast someone or something when you hear a certain talking point. It’s not as easy to sit down and critically analyze what is being said. Most people fall to the left because they digest MSM talking points on a daily basis and fall right in line with others who said it first. There is no individual conviction of morality among these people although they mostly think that everything they stand for tends to be MORAL, when in fact it is the exact opposite.

Over the past five years, liberals clearly jumped out to an early lead in blog politics, as technology poured gas on the flames of their discontent, creating an explosion of blogosphere activity on the left. But while conservatives and Republicans did not embrace “netroots” politics immediately, that too is changing. As the digital-politics war continues, an increasing number of conservative and Republican activists recognize the dangers of the Blog Gap and the need to close it.

What started out as an obscure fundraising tool utilized by the Howard Dean campaign in 2003 and 2004 has become an integral and growing part of American politics. Blogs play a role in every part of the modern political campaign, including citizen mobilization, advertising, issue communication and voter feedback.

No group, however, mixes technology with political vitriol more than the liberal blogosphere. A quick review of the most popular Democratic and Republican weblogs also underscores this point. Several liberal blogs receive over one million weekly views, according to BlogAds.com, while none of the conservative sites reaches those numbers.

Why the blogosphere became such a popular tool among Democrats is a complicated topic, but several factors deserve mention.

  • First, liberal bloggers share anger toward the war in Iraq and President Bush. Rage is their organizing principle, a focused wrath not evident among conservatives.
  • Second, with Republicans controlling the White House and both houses of Congress after 2002, bloggers on the left rallied with one mission — to beat the Republicans.
  • Third, most liberal bloggers consider themselves activists, engaged in a cause, rather than pundits analyzing policy. The conservative side of the blogosphere is populated with more thoughtful commentators who make detailed arguments about ideas. Readers of liberal blogs get a feast of ad hominem argument, vulgarity and raw anger.
  • Finally, liberal blogs publish more online diaries by ordinary citizens and encourage local involvement and commentary. On the conservative side, content is more national in scope and written by “front-page” bloggers with fewer opportunities for readers to take action.

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