Top 10 signs you might be an Infidel

by Infidelesto on October 11, 2007 · 13 comments

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It’s quite simple actually, if you believe any of these are true, yup, sorry to be the bearer of “bad” news but…

you might be an Infidel

  1. You have a gay friend
  2. You don’t regurgitate the phrase “Peace be upon him” every time the word “allah” is uttered
  3. You don’t pray 5 times a day
  4. You don’t know what “shahallah al-ahshwanfallahdwallah” means
  5. You grow a beard not because Allah says it’s cool, but because Maxim says it’s cool
  6. You’re doctor/dentist/surgeon/trainer is a woman
  7. Your respect your wife’s opinion
  8. You have a Jewish friend
  9. You speak out against Islamic terrorism
  10. You believe Infidels are Cool

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  • harryparker410

    You’re so glib. I like them all, particularly number 10

  • Robert B.

    Yep. That sounds like me.
    Still enjoying your website. Keep up the great work.

  • Saul Wall

    “shahallah al-ahshwanfallahdwallah”

    Google’s translation tool was stumped. Is that real Arabic or just jocularity?

  • Infidelesto

    total jocularity, but yes it rhymes with pretty much anything that ends in allah..

  • Gary

    The writer is wrong in number 2, above, “You don’t regurgitate the phrase “Peace be upon him” every time the word “allah” is uttered”. “Peace be upon him”, or “pbuh”, is said after saying the name of the Prophet Mohammed. Why would anybody say pbuh about Allah? God is peace, right?

  • armenian_dick

    These are hilarious.
    Infidel for life! let a muslim try to kill this infidel,
    i dont go as easily as my ancestors.

  • julius

    I love porno,pork chops,loose women,I drink booze,tried drugs,listened to the devils music,hung out with the underground and had one hella of a good time,Unfortunatley no vigins yet,I am going to remain an infidel though cause if I blow my self up as a martyr to Islam,I wouldnt want any one to clean up my bloody mess,And you call us PIGS?

  • Kal


    I might have thought you were a dick before, but I am a big enough person to admit I was wrong :D

    RE: Your last comment – HELL YES (only I never tried drugs, they frighten me)

  • julius

    Thanks Kal ,Just trying to make a little sense of the maddness that surounds us,we are living in strange times,May god(allah)be with you my infidel brother.



    • Necrowulf


      Another follower of the religion of peace

    • Beejj

      It's time you stopped reading those silly James Bond novels, Oddjob – I mean Infidel Killer.

    • hellosnackbar

      A statement of fatuous intent from a pious Muslim madman.
      Murder, the sine qua non for Allah worship.