Video: Rudy vs Ron Paul at Republican Debate

by Infidelesto on October 9, 2007 · 13 comments

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Rudy Giuliani lets Ron Paul have it. I don’t even know why hacks like Paul are even allowed into these debates. It just draws ridiculous attention away from the real issues. Thanks to Allah Pundit for posting this.


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  • Johnnyb

    Rudy lets Ron Paul have it? Are you freaking kidding?

  • Paul

    September 11th! terrorists! 9/11! Terrorists!

  • Bryan

    Rudy Giuliani scares me to death. And I guess that is what he hopes to do. Scare people into voting for him. I’m amazed this seems to still be working. Americans deserve what they get if they vote for this idiot.

  • Infidelesto

    @Johnny – no I’m not. Paul makes himself look like a complete moron on this panel. Just because the 9-11 terrorists weren’t representing a specific country, that means no country is supporting or harboring these thugs? give me a freakin break. Use common sense. I’ll give you a “country” bout Iran, who will certainly attack us through terrorism if they aquire nuclear weapons.

    @Bryan – What scares you so much about Giuliani? the fact that he’s willing to stand up for Freedom in America and the fact that he has no doubt in his mind about fighting the enemy which we all know exists? You morons who don’t believe that this war is for real can sit back and let real Americans save your sorry asses.

  • Bryan

    I am scared that people still seem to think the current course is the correct way to fight the war on terror. Every indicator shows that the war has been a total disaster. I gave it a ton of time myself. I was all for the war. I re-voted Bush in 2004. I’ve simply just reached my limit as most others have and now I’m more open to looking at the statistics instead of arguing with my gut. It simply isn’t working. Threatening more violence and “staying on offense” is a horrible idea.

    The most appalling information surrounding the current course is the devastating economic impact this is having on America. You may still think the war is a great idea to follow through with, but it is the foreign governments who will have the last laugh when our 9 TRILLION debt gets called.

    I hope you can examine the statistics and the arguments with an open mind. It isn’t all anti-Bush (Giuliani) propaganda when somebody is seriously concerned with their ideas when it comes to fighting the war on terror.

  • Infidelesto

    “Every indicator shows that the war has been a total disaster”
    @Bryan – Again, this liberal talking point has been repeated over and over again, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. We were damn successful in removing Saddam and his regime. Yea, we miscalculated on several several things in the post-war effort and nobody is denying that fact. BUT, since the “surge” American deaths are way down, Al Qaeda has been driven out of the Anbar province, Iraqi politicians are re-uniting, Iraqi towns are turning against the bad guys and are sick of the fighting and WE ARE WINNING. Democracy there is not a far stretch anymore.

    Look, all wars are difficult, and the strategy in which we carry out should be criticized and improved all the time, but the intentions behind the efforts are what we should be rallying around. This war has not been a total disaster. We have achieved a lot of positive things as well as many mistakes along the way.

    Also, “staying on offense” is the smartest thing we could possibly be doing. Every single foreign terrorist that is in Iraq or has been killed already would be fermenting their hate and planning the next attack on America. These aren’t regular armies. They carry out their tactics by infiltration and surprise attack. This Ron Paulian attitude of “they hate us cause we’re over there” is totally absurd. If we don’t stay on offense, we are surely to get hit harder than we’ve ever seen. At least being “over there” has allowed us to face the enemy outside American soil. Our immigration policies don’t allow us to just sit back and wait for them to come to us like they did on 9-11. You can thank Bill Clinton for never “going on offense” when we needed him the most after the Khobar towers, USS Cole and the bombings on our Embassies.

    As far as the deficit goes, I’ve heard that argument plenty of times and I couldn’t disagree with it more. Our economy is stronger than it’s ever been, more jobs are being created as technology expands, the stock market is at a historic high. The deficit is an issue, but I wouldn’t call it the defining factor in the collapse of our economy.

  • Bryan

    Well, I do hope you are right regarding the current situation and we can turn things around there sooner than later. But like I said, I’ve reached my breaking point and it doesn’t help me to look at improvements to the situation when the war itself caused such a complete disaster in the first place.

    I used to use the exact arguments with others that you are now using on me. The fear mongering can only work for so long. The 70% of Americans who are so tired of this failed policy are completely dreading Rudy. And if you are supporting Rudy based on his “stay on offense” policy, you are already preparing for at least another year of this (probably more since he’ll really get to wield his power once he is in office).

    Yes, Wall Street is doing better than ever. This is because the rich are getting richer thanks, in part, to our foreign policy. The middle class continues to shrink and the poor continue to get poorer.

    I actually live abroad at the moment and I can testify first-hand to the harm our foreign policy is doing to our reputation. America is great, but we must lead by example.

  • Chad

    Ron Paul clearly states a COUNTRY has never posed an imminent attack on the US. Giuliani quoted Ron Paul out of context. The people who caused Sept 11th was not a country or nation. They were islamic fascists. The last I checked, religion was not a country.

  • Charles Walker

    Every made in USA bomb dropped creates a thousand more “terrorist”. I hope that anyone who lost family and had foreign soldiers on their homeland would react the same.

  • Infidelesto

    @Chad – There sure as hell are “countries” that openly support terrorism, and that’s why we attacked Afghanistan after 9-11. Sure, 9-11 wasn’t regular warfare. It was training and infiltration. That’s how Islamofascists attack. They don’t have the technology or manpower togo up against up so they do it the cowardly way. We dropped bombs on the Taliban because they were openly supporting and training those who attacked us on 9-11. Why is it so hard for you Paulians to understand that?

    @Charles – Every single terrorist attack committed by Muslims around the world ( 4000 just since 9-11), and those that continue to threaten the West with more attacks are nothing more than rat filth that needs to be exterminated. What makes you think they are morally equivalent to Western values? We value free thinking, education, progression, free markets. We build our military so we can DETER threat, not aggressively pursue war. Do you recall how many IRaqi’s showed up to vote when given the chance? over 65% of the country. The thugs who are destabilizing peace while we are trying to help them build up their army and bring law and order, are the ones who are the enemy. We are not “occupiers”. We are liberators and we have paid a huge price for many many countries throughout history for the greater good of the world.

  • KingCook

    You guys created the Taliban in the first place to fight the Commies back in the 70-80ies.
    Al Q and Bin Laden are CIA assets. 9/11 was an attack on freedom just not in the way you think it was … the freedom that has been taken away is the freedom of the American people by your own government.

    They use scare tactics to scare the people into giving up their freedom for security … guess what if you give up freedom for security you loose both.

    Terrorism is scary hell yeah 1 event – 5000 people killed.

    You guys are occupying a foreigh country that had nothing to do with 9/11

    Most of the 9/11 terrorists where from SAUDI ARABIA why didnt your government attack them ( President has got a lot of financial interrests with the Saudi Government (OIL))
    Guess what Iraq and Iran have the biggests oilfields in the world … this couldnt be a coincidence now could it ?

    YOUR GOVERNMENT IS RUN BY CORPORATIONS who dont give a shit about you (USA the land of the mighty dollar indeed) they defend the coprorate interrests over the peoples interrests and if you think they do care about you do some research before you open up your mouth again

    (but I guess you are a Fox viewer (owned by rupert murdoch) your view on reality is what THEY tell you it is, so no need to appologize )

  • Infidelesto

    @King – Just because you don’t agree with our foreign policies doesn’t mean your “freedoms have been taken away”. It’s total nonsense. Please tell me where your personal rights have been infringed upon, King, just ONE example of how it personally has affected YOU. Name ONE right that has been taken away, King. Can’t think of any? Gee I wonder why…

    The only people who want to take away your rights are the socialist democrats who want to FEDERALIZE our way of life. They want to control your freedom to get medical assistance when and where you want (hillarycare), they want to take away your right to own a gun (2nd amendment rights), they want to restrict free markets and give everyone “fair time” (fairness doctrine) they want to tax you MORE so they can feed the poor drug addicted welfare losers of this country. Get a fricken CLUE…

    As far as Iraq and 9-11, you’re totally missing the point on why we are oversees in the first place. Sure, Saddam had to be removed because he was a threat not only to us, but our allies as well, he was defying the UN (17 resolutions), threatening Israel (our biggest ally), and pursuing Nuclear weapons. just cause we didn’t find them, doesn’t mean they weren’t there. WE KNOW HE HAD THEM, he used them on his own people. sure there may not have been a direct connection between Iraq and 9-11, but I’ll tell you, IRAQ IS THE FIRST BATTLEFRONT. There are many more to come in this world war. Islam is raging all around the world, and thankfully there are a few countries who recognize the threat. I don’t know about you Paulians, but I would rather keep the enemy busy outside American soil. Why sit back and wait to get hit again? We know they’re out there, plotting and planning for the next 9-11, why would you be so retarded as to pull everyone home and wait for the next big attack?

    You spew Ron Paulian rhetoric like it’s going out of style. There is so much wrong with what you are stating, and you have everything so backwards, i’m writing you off as a lost cause. Maybe another reader will take the time to enlighten you on your backwardsness. If you hate America, just do us all a favor, and leave. I’m sure you’ll find much more rights in socialist Europe or in an Islamic Theocracy. Good luck…

    There’s one line that I see fit, which I have used before in quoting the great Ayaan Hirs Ali concerning the young generation who believe everything they read on, and that is

    “You grew up in freedom, so you can spit on freedom”

  • James

    We’re you watching the same debate? Rudy had has proverbial ass kicked by Paul, and it’s not the first time. I think Rudy should pack it in. See how many people show up to hear Rudy pontificate — maybe 150 people. Ron Paul, who has been stonewalled by the media (and this website) draws large crowds (thousands). People are waking up to knuckleheads who ignore what’s happening. Learn about the CFR and one-world government. Learn about Rudy’s real record around 9-11. Get the facts! Stop being fascists!