80 Taliban extinguished in Afghanistan

by Infidelesto on November 25, 2007 · 2 comments

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more good news from the war on terror.  Liberals hate seeing headlines like this

KABUL (AFP) – Nearly 80 Taliban rebels were killed in a series of air raids by international military forces near eastern Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan, a provincial government spokesman said Sunday.

About 65 were killed in a single air assault late Saturday in eastern Paktia province on a “large group of Taliban,” said Din Mohammad Darvish, a spokesman for the local administration.

Four others were killed in a second assault targeting a vehicle carrying rebels in the same region of the province, Patan district, and four in a nearby area, he said.

Another three were killed in an air strike near Gardez, capital of the restive province, he said.

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  • Robert B.

    Good shooting, men (and women). Keep up the good work.

    God bless our troops, and our President.

  • Swamp Rabbit

    Faster Please!!