Fallujah: Radical Islamists out, peaceful revival in

by Infidelesto on November 27, 2007 · 2 comments

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A message to defeatists. Fallujah is a now terrorist free. Soldiers and citizens confidently walk the streets. The city is being rebuilt, businesses and schools re-opening, and finally there is a sense of peace.

Michael Totten’s latest column:

An Edgy Calm in Fallujah

None of the Marines I’ve spoken to are nervous while walking the streets. “Complacency kills” is the new catchphrase in Fallujah, and it’s drummed into the heads of the Americans here every day. The Marines may not have yet won the war in this city, but it sure is starting to look like it. The insurgency in Fallujah is over.


As in Baghdad and Ramadi, children mobbed me everywhere I went on the street. They ran up to the Marines and asked for “chocolate,” which to them means any kind of candy at all. They also asked me for chocolate, but they also wanted me take pictures. “Mister! Mister! Sura!
Sura!” (sura means picture, I guess).


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  • http://capribythelake.blogspot.com Carrington

    Praise God! Great news! If only we could get mainstream media to report good news…

  • Swamp Rabbit

    I wish ‘em all the best, however, I’m concerned that where there is islam, there is murder and mayhem.