Iran Chemical, Bio Weapons Threat Is Real

by Infidelesto on November 8, 2007 · 3 comments

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 from Newsmax

An attack on Iran could trigger horrific retaliation against the U.S. and her allies in the Middle East with chemical and biological weapons including nerve gas, anthrax, and a germ similar to the devastating Ebola virus.

While the U.S. has not overtly threatened to bomb Iran’s burgeoning nuclear facilities, it has warned of using the “military option.” And Iran has countered if attacked it would retaliate.

Western intelligence experts doubt Iran has acquired a nuclear device and suggest she is several years from doing so.

But many agree that Iran has a program for chemical and biological weapons (CBWs) — one more shrouded in secrecy than her nuclear program. Not only do analysts say the Islamic regime has stockpiles of CBWs, they also suggest that Iran also has the means to deliver the weapons to targets in Israel, Iraq and the United States.

The threat of chemical and biological retaliatory attack by Iran is very real,” Dr. Dany Shoham, a chemical and biological weapons expert at the Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Israel, tells Newsmax. “Iran is prone to dare what Iraq did not, and has the needed operational capabilities.”

In response to a U.S. or Israeli attack, analysts maintain that Iran could strike U.S. forces in Iraq with artillery shells containing CBWs. Iran’s Shahab-3 missiles, with a range of up to 1,200 miles, could hit U.S. bases as far away as Oman, as well as Israeli targets in Haifa and Tel Aviv, experts say.

In addition to aerial bombardment, the Iranians could spray CBWs — including anthrax — from unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters or boats. Iran could also employ suicide attackers to drive trucks filled with CBWs into target areas, experts add.

Military experts also fear that Iran’s retaliation might not be limited to the Middle East. CBWs – especially biological weapons, which take up little space – could even be smuggled into the U.S.

A single gram of anthrax spores, the size of a packet of artificial sweetener, represents 5 million to 100 million lethal doses via inhalation. Once in the U.S., CBWs could be used in countless forms of attack, from direct attacks on civilians at shopping malls or schools, to infection of livestock, to poisoning of water supplies, experts say.

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  • http://www, carolyne

    Good Morning, and thank you for “Infidels are Cool.” You See The Big Picture!

    Obammunism is the worst that has ever hit the USA, Iran is lapping him up and dancing in the streets. Why would anyone vote for Obama? Answer: The ‘god of this world’ (Satan the deceiver) has brought them a strong delusion to believe the LIE and its conclusion will be like this world has never seen. Obama has issues out the butt and is a pawn, a precursor to issue in the Antichrist. He worships a different god like the Muslims. Christians worship the one true God in Christ. “He is like the heath in the desert, and cannot see when good comes.” Jer:17:6 Warning, Warning, we are not being told the truth by the media, and we better start asking for God’s help in this ‘form of insanity’ election. “It is by God’s mercy we are not consumed , because his compassions fail not, they are new every morning, great is his faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, therefore will I ‘HOPE’ in him” Lam. 3: 22-24 Obama is the false hope, little hope, and the audacity of ‘no hope’ at all.
    God Bless America in the powerful name of Jesus Christ!

  • http://www, carolyne

    Well my computer went off when I hit submit and I didn’t mean to repeat myself, but I said about the same thing on another post – but truthfully it fits both and should be repeated because it is so important. Sorry, I have that happen when it storms sometimes. I enjoy reading the comments, and feel they do a lot of good and give info you might not have ever have found out. Iran is a huge threat, and we all need to stay on top of the situation. That is why we need someone in the White House that has experience and will be on America’s side. I have paid very close attention to this election, and worked at these comments like it was my job to have a voice. I am dedicated to have America stay the land of the free and putting God first. Reason: I have grand children that I want them to grow up in this wonderful country and I do not want some half baked person running us down, calling us bitter, bullies, meanies that cling to our guns and our God. That should no be tolerated, if the Obama’s think that, who cares, but don’t run for office of President of the USA! That is no way to get hired for a job, and your are FIRED before you start. I will never acknowledge them as anything but buffoons, that have no better sense to say such ugly things. The Obama’s are rude non-grateful people, that have caused nothing but trouble from the get-go!


    Why is it Oboma has to measure every word before he speaks?
    He is slick, and the younger generation, those without life’s experiences are eating it up. Their taking to this phony like a duck takes to water, or a baby to mothers milk.
    Can’t tell me that the only ones running are the best this country has to offer.
    We should do away with it coasting anything to run. All the T.V. and radio ads should be donated by the stations. I mean after all they are controlled by the FCC are they not!