John Bolton: Iran strike not likely

by Infidelesto on November 14, 2007 · 1 comment

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From the WeeklyStandard online,

On Iran, the United States has for more than 4 years followed a failed policy of negotiation, following the lead of our European allies. Those negotiations have gotten Iran 4 years closer to having nuclear weapons, instead of 4 years closer to regime change in Tehran–which ought to have been our policy. Iran’s regime is extremely fragile, and is having a hard time satisfying an overwhelmingly young and ethnically diverse population. With our responsible policy choices limited to regime change and targeted use of force against Iran’s military program, the former would be preferable. Yet the United States has not pursued this effort, and will not use covert means to force a change in Iranian leadership.

When I asked Bolton specifically what he expected the administration to do with regard to Iran in the waning days of the administration, he expressed disappointment that President Bush is now hearing ‘nothing but don’t attack; don’t upset the apple cart.’ Soon he said, President Bush will be told not to strike Iran because of the way it will influence the presidential campaign, and after the election, he will be told to leave the challenge for the next president. Bolton said he is ‘not optimistic.’

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  • Para Trooper

    Some European countries either choose to ignore the problems with moslems in thier own countries, or do not realize thier aim is not to assimilate, but impose thier own will, policy, and maybe a state within a state. NATO members who will not fight and go where thier needed are guilty of this. Iran CANNOT be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. They are going to get close, and then we will bring our airpower to bear on Iran. Which NATO members will participate? The absence of an armed opposition, funded and trained by CIA and Army SF is a Bush mistake. The majority of Iranians are 18-35, want progress, and an open society. They cannot even have student elections. The regime oppresses these young people want a connection to the West. Why didn’t Bush&Co nurture this?