Pakistan is complex: Here's my take

by Infidelesto on November 5, 2007 · 1 comment

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There are some arousing thoughts that pop into my head when thinking about the state of Pakistan right now.

  1. Why is the US “deeply disturbed” by all this if  Musharraf is trying to do what is in the US’s best interest: keeping Pakistan’s nukes out of the hands of Islamic radicals.
  2. Is “democracy” more important than Islamic radicals acquiring nuclear weapons?
  3. Musharraf is brave.
  4. Over half of Pakistan has been radicalized
  5. Musharraf may be the next “Marie Antoinette”

I think, although the US is coming out publicly against what Musharraf is doing, they believe that Musharraf IS DONE.

I think they believe that Musharraf got himself into this position in the first place by trying to appease the Taliban in the north and letting them run free in their “no go zone”.  A lot of what is happening right now is nobodies fault but Musharraf himself.  I think the US has written him off as a lost cause, not willing to allow the US to help in his efforts, not letting us go in and destroy the area where we believe Osama Bin Laden is living.

I think the US government believes they can somehow go in and secure those nukes before they are ultimately taken over by Islamic extremists. It will be a military action of some kind; a special forces kind of operation no doubt.

Let this be a lesson to the rest of the world….DON”T NEGOTIATE WITH ISLAMIC RADICALS.  You cannot co-exist with them.  They will ultimately KILL you in the end.

There is so much at stake right now with Pakistan, I don’t know what is more important to the US.  Securing the Pakistani Nukes or stopping Iran from building them.  Take your pick.

As far as Musharraf goes, We are writing him off, folks.  A casualty of War…A casualty of the War on Terror

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  • Layer Seven

    Instead of cutting off Musharraf, why not help him out, and ourselves, with some surgical bombing in Waziristan? Bush is smoking too much of the product his cheap labor imports. He thinks democracy in Pakistan is important to his legacy. Ha; what a trip.