US and Israel preparing to accept a nuclear armed Iran

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Not sure if this is true, but this is the first I’ve heard.  Knowing Condi Rice’s documented disputes with Cheney over the Iran issue, I’m really not surprised if this were true.  Condi has been a total detriment to our national security in the last few years.  She has convinced President Bush that “diplomacy” can work and that we must deal with the fact that Iran will never stop pursuing nuclear weapons.  Let’s face it, Condi does not understand the Islamic threat this world faces today.  She was brought into the administration with a vast amount of knowledge and experience with the threat of the Soviet Union in the Cold war era, but never really understood at any time what the Islamist threat means to America and the rest of the world

All of the great people who’ve left the administration, Condi is the one who should have been gone a long time ago.

Telegraph via the ZIP 

America and Israel are secretly drawing up plans to deal with an Iran that has acquired nuclear weapons, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

Teheran’s two arch-foes are preparing for what they have long declared is an unacceptable scenario, as the prospects for air strikes to cripple Iran’s nuclear network fade, and China and Russia undermine efforts to forge an international sanctions regime.

The United States and Israel are sticking publicly to their threats not to allow the Islamic Republic to develop an atomic bomb. But intelligence chiefs and military planners have given warning that Iran has done better at hiding and dispersing its nuclear facilities than previously assessed, this newspaper has been told.

“The more they looked at the intelligence and the information they had, the more pessimistic they have become about what could be achieved on the operational front by military action,” said Dan Goure, a Pentagon adviser. “Military strikes might only set the programme back a couple of years, but the current thinking is that it is just not worth the risks.” A political rethink has also begun in Israel, where security policy is linked to its status – never publicly admitted – as the region’s only nuclear state.

Israel is believed to be equipping a fleet of German-made submarines with atomic weapons ready to respond to any nuclear threat from Teheran, and Ehud Barack, the defence minister, is keen to develop a sophisticated ballistic anti-missile system.

US hawks linked to Vice-President Dick Cheney have argued that a co-ordinated aerial and submarine-launched bombardment could set Iran’s nuclear programme back by five to 10 years.

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