Whoopi fails the talk radio experiment

by Infidelesto on November 29, 2007 · 9 comments

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Another Liberal talk radio host bites the dust.

So why does Liberal talk radio fail so miserably? Why does it suck so bad? Why do people shy away from liberal talking points like the plague? Maybe because it’s nothing but negative, pessimistic, un-analytical, cynical, un-informed, pointless ranting drivel that drives people away in droves.

People can only take so much of people speaking their “hearts and minds” and not actually discussing history, politics, principles, and important issues that concern most Americans.

Instead, they can’t get off the Bush-hating bandwagon, they can’t get off the “I have no rights anymore” bandwagon, they can’t get off the “republicans hate all blacks, hispanics and gays” bandwagon. These people are so transparent and the American people know it and are showing their discontent by not listening.

From Radio Equalizer via Malkin

Just weeks after claiming she would reshape her faltering radio program to focus on a New York City audience, Whoopi Goldberg has now been cancelled even there.

According to press and trade reports today, Wake Up With Whoopi was yanked from WKTU-FM today without warning, other than a brief note sent to staffers mere hours before the change. Poor ratings were cited by the station.

Recently, after similar results led to terminations in Chicago and Philly, your Radio Equalizer speculated that Whoopi’s radio days appeared numbered. Now, one can easily expect the syndicated program to be shut down, perhaps in the next few days.

And this from the NY Daily news:

After almost 16 months of only modest listenership, Whoopi Goldberg’s morning radio show has been canceled by WKTU (103.5 FM). A memo circulated to the WKTU staff late yesterday said the station will stop carrying Goldberg’s nationally syndicated show as of this morning. Launched on July 31, 2006, the radio show was intended to be a less strident alternative to “shock jock” and Morning Zoo radio.
But it never found a big audience and didn’t crack the top 10 in New York.

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  • http://capribythelake.blogspot.com carrington

    Thank goodness. When will they ever learn that people don’t care? I really don’t find her entertaining on the VIEW either, and I hope the show turns around soon. With all the liberals on it, its just annoying.

  • Swamp Rabbit

    I’m sure it’s Boooosshhh’s fault.

  • BritPatJax

    It will be difficult to get a lefty talk radio show to match the right wing one as there are all these issues to fire the listeners up with for the rightists such as immigration and gun issues to get their attention. Leftish ideas are about being normal and sane and stable. The Rights can get you to call your Congressman and they brag about ‘running America’. They do somewhat. Compassionate thoughts from Hilary, who Hannity sees as an Ogre, as to HOW these undocumented who have been here for years will be able to feed their kids denied of the right to legally drive (which is like amputation actually) without becoming a criminal, was vilified for having concerns and she has had to abandon that compassion. She cant risk failure over the poor kids of the undocumented who WILL be the ones who suffer. Then the rights vilify for flip flopping. USA is becoming the Phony nation of the world as a result of that factor. Go Figure.

  • Infidelesto

    “Leftish ideas are about being normal and sane and stable.”

    Um, what planet are you from?

    So denying an illegal immigrant the right to have a legal drivers license is like amputating them from society? How bout enforcing the laws already in place? maybe that might help the problem. Oh I forgot, The US border doesn’t mean crap to the globalistic, socialist libs who think anyone and everyone can come as they please. Well guess what? We have LAWS in this country that should be enforced before we open up the flood gates and allow our economy to be destroyed.

    Hillary is NOT your friend. She caters to the “little guy” cause she wants you to believe that she cares, that shes compassionate, when really, she’s looking to take more of your own hard earned dollars cause she thinks she knows best on how to spend YOUR money. You’re drinking socialist Koolaid

    Another typical America hating, free markets hating, Hillary rhetoric gobbling liberal. Did you know Hillary NEVER takes a stand on a single issue? As you say it, “go figure”

  • Rhonda Blair

    BritPat Jax,

    Excuse me, but a drivers license is not a right, even for LEGAL Americans. It’s a privilege. What gives an illegal alien the RIGHT to have anything GIVEN to them, when they CHOSE to come here illegally? Our country spends millions of dollars every year to support illegals. That’s money that could be spent on helping the LEGAL residents of this country. We all have to feed our kids. Should we give a free pass to citizens who steal their food from the local grocery on a regular basis, and whine that they need to steal it because they can’t find work? Your altruism is “all” in your mind. It’s like this: A man with a wife and 3 kids finds a homeless person on his stoop. He takes him in, lets him live there, and feeds him. A week later he finds another homeless man. He does the same thing. The same thing happens for 12 weeks running. Pretty soon the man realizes that he only makes enough income to feed and shelter 8 people. He has to choose between feeding his children, or feeding the homeless people he has taken in. He decides the homeless people need to find another source of support. He isn’t immoral or evil to do so. How long can our economy support all these illegal aliens? WHY should we be required to do so? They have a country. Their country sucks. If they didn’t find it so easy to sneak into our country, maybe they would be motivated to correct the wrongs of their own country. THAT is what the citizens of Mexico SHOULD be doing. Hillary isn’t compassionate. She’s a power monger. She thinks the prosperous should be forced to give up their hard earned money, in the amount the government decides is fair, to support the less prosperous. As if the prosperous didn’t work hard to get where he or she is. So, in Hillary’s world, and in the whole kooky liberal world, if you work hard you shouldn’t be entitled to have more than the citizens who didn’t work as hard as you did. Huh!!!???? Obama even went so far as to condemn the CEOs of companies for making 3 times as much as an average blue collar employee. Guess what? These CEOs aren’t GIVEN their positions, they worked hard and used their inner reserves of imagination, knowledge and tenacity to secure their positions in their companies. Sure, politics play a role, but it plays a role in most job positions. You liberals want everyone to be treated the same, even if you don’t contribute to the same degree. This can only lead to mediocrity, and death of individualism. Ironic, huh? Your “compassion”, and compulsion to “make things fair”, only leads to destroying any fairness, and replacing it with identical ends to the diverse means, resulting in the loss of choice. Great theology. ;( Do you people ever have an original thought? You all sound the same. You vomit propaganda. Literally, GO FIGURE.

  • Rudy


    WOW. Couldn’t agree more. And I am a first generation American, born to parents who LEGALLY immigrated from Mexico. They waited in line, earned the priveleges they enjoy now. The wetbacks who cut in line and came across illegally deserve NOTHING from us, but a kick in the rear and to be told “BACK OF THE LINE”.


    Sane and stable. Yes, in their own minds their ideas of taking yours, and my money to spend as they see fit is sane. These are the same idiots who say Iraq was stable before Saddam was taken out, ignoring the 300000 he exterminated. Their koolaid is spiked, and I think they are also doing Libby Juicy Juice :D

  • Rhonda Blair

    My father was an immigrant from Germany. He went through all the correct legal procedures, worked hard, and became a citizen of the USA. There are many people like your father and mine, doing what they are required to do to become law abiding, productive members of our society. It isn’t easy, and sometimes the wait is long. How fair is it to those who have not broken the law, and have sacrificed their time, money and resources to become citizens, when we extend rights and privileges to those who come here illegally, that we don’t extend to these persons? I don’t feel good thinking about the poor mother or father of innocent children, here illegally, perhaps watching their children suffer, but reality is what it is. We would do better to help the citizens of Mexico in an effort to correct the injustices and poor living conditions there. The illegal immigrant problem has become so bad, these people are now starting to demand rights and privileges. If you can’t come here legally, then stand up and fight to change things where you are. Kudos to you, Rudy.

  • Dave B

    I think we all know why liberal radio fails miserably. They can't keep an audience with constant negativity, cliches, bumper sticker slogans, and snarky commentary. After five minutes their act is over. As a rule conservative radio attracts… people that actually think beyond bumper sticker slogans, are extremely intelligent, and/or patriotic people. History has shown that liberals don't listen to talk radio in large numbers, they listen to music or watch television. The real truth is that liberals tend to rely on others to think for them, want others to take care of them, and vote accordingly while conservatives think for themselves and take care of themselves. Plus, there's no shortage of liberal media yet there's only a finite number of conservative outlets where people can hear like minded individuals.

    • hellosnackbar

      As a sometime visitor to the USA I've listened to a variety of US radio;most of which I found boring.
      National public radio was on some broadcasts very good;especially when top US scientists were involved.
      Another highly entertaining one involved two very funny characters answering questions on car maintenance problems.
      But a leftist political radio show from its very description sounds horrible.
      With a few exceptions, leftists are dull as ditch water;listening to desultary dogma polluting the airwaves would be like watching paint dry.
      At least rightist broadcasters like Rush Limbaugh(he's not short of an opinion);can entertain with his polemicism.