10 Infidels killed in Islamic Nigeria; Christian homes, churches burned

by Infidelesto on December 15, 2007 · 0 comments

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This is what happens in Islamic societies.  No law and order.  No justice.

After all, it’s only the local Dhimmi community

3 churches burned to the ground

Dozens of Christian homes destroyed.

Ten persons have been killed and three churches set on fire after Muslim high school students in this northern Nigerian city began a rampage on Tuesday (December 11) that spilled into the city. Today tensions were still high in the area.

An eyewitness at the high school said the Muslim students attacked their Christian peers after unidentified people pulled out two foundation blocks of a high school mosque under construction.

Area Muslims joined the attacking students, resulting in the deaths and damages in the city, including the burning of dozens of homes belonging to Christians.

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