A surge needed in Afghanistan

by Infidelesto on December 31, 2007 · 3 comments

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MILITARY commanders need an extra 3,000 troops in Afghanistan to contain the Taliban, according to senior defence sources. They have also called for more talks with leaders in northern Helmand province in an attempt to separate them from the Taliban.

The calls came as Afghan officials claimed that an adviser to the United Nations and a European Union official expelled last week had $150,000 (£75,000) with them. According to Kabul, the men were trying to buy off a local Taliban leader in Musa Qala.

[...]The commanders say they have no problem taking ground from the Taliban but do not have enough men to hold it.

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  • Rhonda Blair

    My son just got back from a deployment to Afghanistan. He says the exact same thing. We need to have a troop surge there. The horrors the Taliban have committed to the Afghan people are so vile, yet I never hear any of these stories in our media. The incidents my son has related to me are but a few of what he witnessed, and I can only imagine the events my son hasn’t told me about. If one soldier, from one FOB, has seen so many atrocities, then it stands to reason the crimes the Taliban has, and is, committing countrywide, should be creating a storm of media activity. But no, not our media. They prefer to do “intelligent and thought provoking” documentaries on how the Afghanistan and Iraqi people are no better off since the USA “invaded” their countries. The news media turns a new corner on their quest for hateful perversion of the truth everyday. Self sacrifice is portrayed as only a loss, or immoral, instead of one of the most admirable human traits we have. We have fighting men and women willing to sacrifice all to free a needy and oppressed people. Let them loose!! If we weren’t fighting the leftist whackos within our own democracy, this thing would be over and done with, and we wouldn’t have had to bury as many warrior heroes, and left so many families with the loss of their loved ones. The liberal media has not just spewed ridiculous and divisive propaganda. Their lies have had a direct impact on the political atmosphere, and the formation of opinion from the American people. This resulted in a divided house, and in turn, hindered our military and the mission. Our brave men and women of the Armed Forces know better than anyone what they are trying to accomplish in Iraq and Afghanistan, and what they have accomplished. They have the most to lose, yet they never quit. They understand the need for liberating a needy country, and they know freedom is not just a word, or an idea. It is the blood and oxygen that feeds hope to any democracy. Without it, it is impossible for the population of any nation to prosper in peace, and reach beyond pure survival. Our media has played an evil game with our military. It has placed the ones with the most to lose in a losing position. It is my opinion that because of this, the media is directly responsible for many soldiers being killed, that would have otherwise not been the case. Troop surge? BRING IT ON.

  • Rudy

    The news media is useless, a bunch of commies and cowards.

    I thank your son for his service. Men like him are the reason we are free today. Tell him I appreciate his sacrifice, along with those of the people he served with.

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