Abbas won't negotiate: wants Jerusalem to be Palestinian capital

by Infidelesto on December 31, 2007 · 0 comments

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So they want “peace” and call on Israel to”resolve issues obstructing peace” while rockets are still falling on Israel. They do nothing to stop the Hamas terrorists nor give any concession to Israel constantly defending themselves from Hamas attacks.


They also say they will not budge on Jerusalem being the “capital of the Palestinian state”

Heh…good luck with that.

So much for “negotiation” when “negotiation” means “taking Israel…. one step at a time.”

I’m afraid, though, Olmert is sure to screw this one up. via Ynet

Palestinian President calls on Israel to resolve core issues obstructing way to peace, says PA will never cede ground on Jerusalem in negotiations. Speaking at Ramallah celebration marking Fatah anniversary, Abbas also extends conciliatory hand to rival faction Hamas

“We are filled with hope that this new year will be our year of victory and independence, that we will see the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” said Palestinian President.

Speaking to a crowd of Fatah-loyalists assembled in Ramallah to celebrate the movement’s 43rd anniversary, the president called for ”a new page, writing in its lines a credible agreement based on partnership, on life, on our homeland and our struggle to liberate it.”

Abbas also said the Palestinian Authority would not cede a single inch of ground in negotiations with Israel over the future sovereignty of Jerusalem.

Abbas vowed he would bring any eventual agreement with Israel to a public referendum so that the Palestinian people would be given the chance to decide the course of their national future.

“This is not the time for empty slogans,” said Abbas, “it is time to resolve the core issues based on the view of the international community, time to find a solution for Jerusalem, the settlements, the borders and the Palestinian refugees.”

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