Honor killings demonstrate the intolerance of Islam

by Infidelesto on December 11, 2007 · 3 comments

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Honor killings are just one of the many atrocities that have been taught by the “religion of tolerance and peace” over the centuries. Unfortunately, we see it still happening in modern times. The failure of the Islamic world to reform this vile act along with many other atrocities against muslims and non-muslims, shows the deeply immovable doctrine that is the Koran. There are millions of decent muslims out there. There are also millions that are fascistic, anti-semetic, anti-freedom, subjugating followers of Islamic law who preach Islam and state as one entity. There is a failure among the Islamic world to purge this vile act from their culture.

Call me Islamophobic if you truly believe that being critical of an ideology means fearing Mohammed or the teachings of the Koran. Call me a racist if you truly believe that I am racist for profiling young Islamic men on airplanes. Call me a bigot because I refuse to “understand” and “tolerate” the ideology that preaches submission and subjugation. Call me whatever you want to call me.

It will never take away the thousands of honor killings that occur every year in the name of Islam. It will not take away the over 10,000 terrorist attacks against humanity committed in the name of Islam all around the world since 9-11.

Islam will NEVER be accepted or respected for that matter until the moderate step up to their own people and rid themselves and their communities of these evil people. It will NEVER end until good muslims put their lives on the line to reform from within.

We, infidels, can do nothing for you. All we can do is sit back and watch you infiltrate our way of life while refusing to condemn the acts of your own people or act on the condemnation for that matter. You must come to the aid of non-muslims in fighting back this horrible fundamental ideology if you wish to truly live in peace.

Honor killings will always be around until the good muslims take action. There have been a few, but they have since gone into hiding or have been killed or under threat of death on a daily basis.

On another note, there are a few books I would like to recommend on this issue. The first is called “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan” by Ellen R. Sheely. Here is an excerpt:

In early 2003, Ellen R. Sheeley began to educate herself about “honor” killings, particularly those that take place in Jordan. That summer she journeyed from her home in San Francisco, California, USA to Amman, Jordan, where she learned of the needs for empirical, objective, baseline data pertaining to the Jordanian public’s attitudes, opinions, and beliefs about “honor” killings and for a sustained marketing campaign to change hearts and minds.

As a seasoned marketing professional, she was confident she had the ability and the qualifications to fulfill these needs. Unable to secure funding or sponsorship from the obvious and even the not-so-obvious sources and, yet, unwilling for mere lack of financial support to give up on the needs of the at-risk individuals and the victims, she quit her job, moved from her home, placed her personal effects in storage, bade adieu to her loved ones, and returned to Amman in October 2005 to perform the work pro bono, funded by her private savings.

“Reclaiming Honor in Jordan” is a result of this effort and reveals a number of surprising findings about public opinion on this subject.

Another book that looks quite interesting is a more personal story from the author Karen Tintori called “Unto the daughters”

Tintori’s poignant memoir of the recent discovery of her great-aunt’s murder deeply underscores her Sicilian culture’s troubling subjugation of its women. Tintori (Trapped: The 1909 Cherry Mine Disaster) recounts how in 1993 her aunt and mother reluctantly told her of an obliterated name from her great-grandfather’s passport to America.

Gradually Tintori discovers the fate of the missing youngest daughter, Francesca, by working backward in time to when the Costa family first made its way to Detroit from Corleone, Sicily, in 1914. The family settled into comfort in Little Sicily: the girls enjoyed scant education and were married off early, while the boys worked at the Ford factory and ran with rum-runner gangs.

Although her sister Josie made a successful love match, Francesca pined for the barber’s son, but was forcibly engaged at 16 to a scion of the Mafiosi in order to better her family’s fortunes. Francesca eloped, to the family’s dishonor, and was probably murdered (shackled, dismembered and thrown in the waters of Belle Isle) by her brothers when she dared to return. Because of her family’s wall of silence, Tintori finds no sense of catharsis here, only a harrowing tale of sorrow and shame.

Although I have not read either of these books, I hope to one day, and I’m sure they can provide some much needed insight to the personal struggle that people go through when they fear their own family members killing them if they refuse Islamic values or Islamic law.

You can find these books here:

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  • ERS

    Thanks for this, Infidel. Very kind of you.

    My book does give some insight into the underlying thinking, for it is about the results of a nationwide attitudes and opinions survey I recently conducted in Jordan about these crimes. I tried to capture comments and verbatims from people. . .and Jordanians tend to be talkative, so I got an earful. As far as I know, I am the only one to have gone out and actually polled people about this subject.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  • harryparker410

    very good blog infidelesto. A religion that has a doctrine such as honor killings is sick and evil.

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