Infidels for life

by Infidelesto on December 31, 2007 · 0 comments

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A lot of you know and have heard my good friend, Jeff, from MosqueWatch comment over here. I have linked to him quite a bit over the last year, cause of his awesome anti-jihad videos and it has been great creating this new friendship. We have recently been going back and forth showing off our new infidel babies to the world that are born into the family.

Jeff, as you probably aren’t aware, had his community destroyed in Mississippi by hurricane Katrina. I can’t imagine how difficult life must have been for him and his family trying to deal with that horrific situation.

Jeff sent over a nice note this morning, he appeared on the Jackie Mason radio show this week talking about his life and what it means to be an American. I just want to share with you the video/audio that he sent me. If you haven’t already, make sure to put Mosquewatch on your favorites, as it is one of mine.

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