Islamic "moderates" stage mass walkout at Daniel Pipes speech

by Infidelesto on December 1, 2007 · 1 comment

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The guys at Red County recently covered Daniel Pipes speaking at UC IRvine. As we all expect, there were many tolerant, pro-free speech Muslims there of course. This time, instead of shouting down the speaker like they normally do, they staged a mass walkout this time to protest Daniel Pipes the hate-monger.

All joking aside, this is nothing new for Pipes. He’s been a vigilant warrior in the cause to expose political, radical and totalitarian Islam in this country. He should be supported and commended for the work he’s done in America on behalf of the Western World

This result of this protest was somewhat different from when I covered Daniel Pipes and Wafa Sultan speaking at UCLA where the moonbats put on a spectacle.

Here’s a video of the mass walkout at UC Irvine.

The Lizards are all over this as well

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  • Rudy

    Who cares if the supporters of terror walked out? Good riddance, it lets us plan our war against terrorists in secret, as it should be done. Much respect to Daniel Pipes and Wafa Sultan.