More Muslim Intolerance

by Infidelesto on December 16, 2007 · 8 comments

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Our great friends from the religion of peace, understanding and dialogue.

Muslim Mobs attack Christian shops and church.

CAIRO, Dec 16 (Reuters) - Police arrested at least seven Egyptian Muslims after a riot in the southern city of Isna on Sunday that left at least 13 Christian-owned shops smashed up or burned and a church front damaged, security sources said.

They said a car and a motorcycle owned by Christians were also burned and it appeared the rioters had attempted to burn the church.

The tensions appear to have started when an angry crowd of Muslims surrounded and smashed up a Christian-owned store on Wednesday, where they suspected a Muslim girl was having sex with two Christian boys. Police beefed up security in the city after that incident.

Sunday’s riot comes after an altercation last night that saw a Christian shop-owner accuse a Muslim woman of stealing a mobile phone from his shop. The woman was cleared by authorities and released.

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  • http://www, carolyne

    MORE, MORE, MORE, how much MORE can we stand, of these horrible godless people. Give them a BLOW JOB, and BLOW them the Hell away, ASAP! Spare none, ALL, BLOW THEM TO SMITHERINES! YEA! Clean this place up.

  • http://Infidelsarecool alan

    Have the Christians lost their spine? They run away like scared dogs. Eurabia is a virtual reality. But,I guess the fact that EU nations on many occassions and Muslims coluded with the Nazis might be an explanation. It is too crazy for words.
    Forget religions,think people. Sharia,hear it comes! UK made the mess;French are the whores of Vichy. What a party!

  • Rudy

    No, we have not lost our spines. The problem is that we have a bunch of Godless liberal pussies in charge of far too many countries, like most of the EU, and Congress in the US. They have sold us out. Our spines are still intact, and we will never yield. And asking liberals to think is akin to asking a fish to breathe on land. Not going to happen. Liberals don’t think, they feel. That’s why the US is such a mess. And Europe.

  • jen tha rednek

    I can’t stand Liberal pussies, I hate Obama and Islam is really pissing me off! I feel as if I’m in hell every time I watch the MSM report on the so-called “bad behavior” of our troops (who are in hell) and how I have to be tolerant of Muslims that would just assume to shoot me as look at me. Chaos all around!

  • alan

    Jen,I’m with you.

  • julius

    Thats sad news for egypt who rely on chirstian tourists and others for thier economy,where is there justice,discrimination based on religion,ridiculus,I am going to Boycott Wal-Mart since Sam walton is a hypocritical Babtist.Not much more absurd than whats going on over there,Oh they still worship the same God(ALLAh or do they?).Long live John Lennon the true INFIDEL.

  • oscar

    Julius.  Sam Walton Is dead…  Walmart is now run by a bunch of godless globalists.  Boycott Walmart is fine.  But that reason is the dumbest.  Do it because they hurt America.

  • Anonymous

    WOW this was 5 years ago !!  YEAH Obama, it’s that fucking ARAB spring that is causing the tensions between Christians & Muslims, before that everything was COOOOOL, dude.  Egypt is MODERATE, y’all.  That’s why we give them so much aid money!! 

    Did you know that between Israel & Egypt, they take 1/3 of ALL foreign aid money?   Yeah, Israel is #1, BUT EGYPT IS A HARD and close #2 !!  Almost the same amount.  Also Egypt was NOT given money as a ‘developing nation’ apparently a lot of money we give is to ‘develop’ the nation *(like that EVER happens in a mudslime country) but EGYPT was give all the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS, like 30billion in the past 10 years, as MILITARY AID !!!  WHOO WHOO    yeah.    Egypt who hates israel & jews & christians & want sharia law, and murder christians, and want to re-start JIZZYA against the christians, have no women’s rights, but SOMEHOW Obuttma thinks THAT is a good definition of DEMOCRACY and even suggests FORGIVING Egypt of ALL THEIR DEBT that they owe us.  Cause, you know, America is doing so great and all, financially.  I question why a 2.5billion dollar a year country needs to BORROW money?    They gonna spend all that dough on invading israel, and israel will spend all their dough fighting back.

    INSANITY !!!!