NY Times: "Islam's silent moderates" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

by Infidelesto on December 7, 2007 · 2 comments

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WOW, NY times running a Ayaan Hirsi Ali piece? unfathomable.  but it has actually happened.  Great to see our message that we’ve been talking about so much here at IAC get out to the mainstream news.
Moderates? *crickets*

Oh moderates? *crickets* *crickets*

It is often said that Islam has been “hijacked” by a small extremist group of radical fundamentalists. The vast majority of Muslims are said to be moderates.

But where are the moderates? Where are the Muslim voices raised over the terrible injustice of incidents like these? How many Muslims are willing to stand up and say, in the case of the girl from Qatif, that this manner of justice is appalling, brutal and bigoted — and that no matter who said it was the right thing to do, and how long ago it was said, this should no longer be done?

Usually, Muslim groups like the Organization of the Islamic Conference are quick to defend any affront to the image of Islam. The organization, which represents 57 Muslim states, sent four ambassadors to the leader of my political party in the Netherlands asking him to expel me from Parliament after I gave a newspaper interview in 2003 noting that by Western standards some of the Prophet Muhammad’s behavior would be unconscionable. A few years later, Muslim ambassadors to Denmark protested the cartoons of Muhammad and demanded that their perpetrators be prosecuted.

But while the incidents in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and India have done more to damage the image of Islamic justice than a dozen cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, the organizations that lined up to protest the hideous Danish offense to Islam are quiet now.

I wish there were more Islamic moderates. For example, I would welcome some guidance from that famous Muslim theologian of moderation, Tariq Ramadan. But when there is true suffering, real cruelty in the name of Islam, we hear, first, denial from all these organizations that are so concerned about Islam’s image. We hear that violence is not in the Koran, that Islam means peace, that this is a hijacking by extremists and a smear campaign and so on. But the evidence mounts up.

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  • Jim

    The unfortunate thing is that the moderates in Islam are being outshouted and outspent by the radicals, as the moderate Christians in the US are being outshouted by the Fundamentalists. Radical fundamentalism of any sort within the Abrahamic faiths is a road to ruin for a culture.

  • Infidelesto

    I sense some a moral equivalence argument, Jim. It’s important to note that:

    More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

    More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

    Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years. (source)

    19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals executed in the last 65 years. (source)

    Do you honestly believe fundamentalist Christianity is equally as threatening to this country than fundamental Islam? I want to be careful not to put words in your mouth here, but that’s what it sounds like. Please clarify.

    Also, how are fundamental Christians out-shouting the moderate Christians? I don’t see that happening anywhere. Moderate Christianity, in the mainstream, rejects any form of fundamental Christianity, and is dealt with publicly, privately and politically in the media.