Outrage: Democrats gut Border fence; give millions to lawyers for illegal immigrants

by Infidelesto on December 18, 2007 · 4 comments

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What can I say…

This is going to cause shock and awe throughout the country. Not only do they cut funding for the border fence, but they add in millions for “emergency funding” for lawyers of illegal immigrants while also gutting a Senate-passed provision encouraging English in the workplace. Un-be-lievable…

here’s a link from Omnibusting linking to the section of the bill

Wash Times

Congress last night passed a giant new spending bill that undermines current plans for a U.S.-Mexico border fence, allowing the Homeland Security Department to build a single-tier barrier rather than the two-tier version that has worked in California. …

“The fact that this was buried in a bloated, 3,500-page omnibus speaks volumes about the Democrats’ unserious approach on border security and illegal immigration,” said House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican. “Gutting the Secure Fence Act will make our borders less secure, but it’s consistent with the pattern of behavior we’ve seen all year from this majority.”

The 2006 Secure Fence Act specifically called for “two layers of reinforced fencing” and listed five specific sections of border where it should be installed. The new spending bill removes the two-tier requirement and the list of locations.


What can you say about a 3,500-page appropriations bill that stands more than a foot tall? Nothing good, according to Republicans. But Democrats are spinning the spending bill as a step in their much-talked-about “New Direction.”

House Republican Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri said the bill is full of “misguided” policy decisions: “On one page, for instance, you will find a set of new restrictions on the construction of our security fence along the border; on another, $10 million in ‘emergency’ funding for attorneys of illegal immigrants.

“Along with those, you’ll even find language gutting a Senate-passed provision encouraging English in the workplace. And as we continue to cull through the text, that may prove to be just the tip of the iceberg,” Blunt complained.

Most lawmakers haven’t had time to read the massive spending bill, which House Democrats crafted in secret and released late Sunday. The $515 billion appropriations bill will fund government operations for the fiscal year that began in October.

Instead of passing 13 individual spending bills as it is supposed to do, Congress ended up passing only one. It combined the other 12 into one big “omnibus” bundle. The Senate will take up that omnibus bill on Tuesday.

The blogosphere is brewing up a storm of outrage:

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  • Tonto

    Can you say “Taxation Without Representation” ? Politicians that do not listen to the voters need to be VOTED OUT…no matter what kind of dweeb you get after you vote out the one that don’t listen. Sooner or later we might get somebody who is smart enough to get the idea that voters need to be listened to and their concers need to be acted on.
    Police officials have been told to avoid rounding up illegal immigrants, because fedreral authorities had no facilities to house large numbers of illegal immigrant prisoners.
    Yep, another fine example of our government in inaction. Guess it’s sooo not PC, dude.

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  • http://notexasborderwallyahoo.com NBW

    The changes regarding the border wall were made by Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is a Republican. She is apparently getting the message from her Texas constituents that property rights are also a good conservative value, so before Chertoff waives all of our nation’s laws to bulldoze houses to build a wall that even he says will only slow a crosser down by a few minutes, it might be good to talk to the property owner. The whole damn thing is nothing more than a political prop anyway, but it is going to destroy hundreds of homes in south Texas and waste $46 billion (according to the Congressional Research Service) on something that will have zero impact on immigration.

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