Ron Paul wants to lift Iran sanctions

by Infidelesto on December 19, 2007 · 3 comments

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All you need to know about Ron Paul, the isolationist wackjob.

(AP) – Campaigning in New Hampshire today, Republican Ron Paul says he would lift sanctions on Iran and order the U.S. Navy to pull back from its shores.

Paul says if the U.S. relieved pressure on Iran, people would breathe a sign of relief, interest rates probably would not go up and oil prices probably would drop.

Speaking in Manchester, Paul said the Bush administration has been looking for war with Iran.

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  • mike

    you know it’s funny that this site talks down on democrats so much when you all are really democrats in republican clothing. Ron Paul is the ONLY conservative in the GOP race. Read up on what a REAL republican is, and i bet most of you will find out that you belong on the democratic side.

  • Infidelesto

    Are you serious? Have you read ANY posts here besides the ones that include “Ron Paul”? So tell me, what’s a REAL republican?

    You actually think we’re Democrats here? I’m sorry, but your drinking Ron Paulian koolaid and have no idea what the difference between the two parties are. Let me give you a few hints on the difference between parties…Then you can go back to Digg and Reddit and tell your friends.


    High taxes
    Gun Control
    negotiates with terrorists
    ignores national security
    appeasing, pacifying foreign policy
    giving up American sovereignty to pander to the U.N.
    Open borders
    Big government
    panders to the little guy
    nationalized health care
    borderline socialism


    Low taxes
    Individual liberty
    National security
    pro 2nd amendment rights
    less government spending
    less governnment intervention
    Border security
    American culture, national identity

    Ron Paul is a LIBERTARIAN running as a Republican cause he knows he has no chance as a third part candidate. LOOK AT HIS POLICIES. LEARN POLITICS

  • Liz

    Infidelesto…don’t forget the fairness doctrine on the democrat side.  That’s the first thing B Hussein and Nancy Pelosi will push through if he gets elected.