Russia sells Iran new sophisticated air defense system

by Infidelesto on December 26, 2007 · 2 comments

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TEHRAN, Iran — Russia is selling Iran a new and sophisticated air defense system that experts say is capable of dealing a serious blow against would-be attackers.

The new S-300 air defense system signals growing miitary cooperation between Moscow and Tehran, Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said Wednesday.

“The S-300 air defense system will be delivered to Iran on the basis of a contract signed with Russia in the past,” state television quoted Najjar as saying.

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  • G-money

    So Russia is supporting terrorists. Sanction. Sanction. Sanction

  • julius

    Russia again is starting trouble,or better yet trying to make some money selling arms like they always have.After the cold war was over the ran with thier tails draging behind ,Any sane country would not deal with them,desperate,sane,insane,its just buisness as usual.Nato and the U.N. ae going to be pissed off just like the invasion to U.S (911) and then retaliation.Why Russia is an agressor ,beats me.They must like to keep thier people down,They havent did much for humanity latley so it is fitting they pick iran to be sleeping buddies with,YUCKO,For Gods (Allah) sake when will we have PEACE?