Saudi Gang rape victim in danger of "Honor killing" from own family

by Infidelesto on December 3, 2007 · 5 comments

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 Islam revealed.  Again and again and again.  Had enough?

So the story gets more interesting. The so-called “Qatif Girl”, the truly heroic woman who now faces 200 lashes after being gang-raped had more than just the authorities of this savage kingdom to worry about — it has recently emerged that her own brother tried to kill her when he realised she had been repeatedly violated.

Here in the West, if a brother discovers his sister has just been gang-raped he will have murder on his mind, for sure, but it would be directed towards those responsible, not his sister.

But in the twisted world of male Islamic pride, the poor girl who had been through an experience so traumatic that it is actually impossible to even contemplate, the family’s spurious “honour” maintained precedence.

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