Trailer: Hillary the Movie

by Infidelesto on December 18, 2007 · 2 comments

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Hillary the Movie: Video Trailer

via Malkin 

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  • observer

    The seethers in this trailer are so ate up with hate it’s disturbing.

    It almost makes me want to vote for Hillary! ( almost )

    The contempt and seething displayed in this trailer is exactly the reason Huckabee is leading in many polls. Americans are fed up with this type of villification and divisiveness.

    The Right Wing has pretty much turned into all hate, all the time.

  • Infidelesto

    The Right Wing doesn’t want to see a socialist in the white house.
    The Right Wing doesn’t wany to see someone soft on Islamic extremism.
    The Right Wing doesn’t want a leader who’s going to raise taxes and institute beaurocratic government programs.
    The Right wing doesn’t want an “open borders” President.
    The Right wing doesn’t want Hillary Clinton.
    Is this hate? If you say so. In reality it’s called “opposition”