Video: Duncan Hunter on Glenn Beck

by Infidelesto on December 19, 2007 · 0 comments

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Talking about the gutting of the border fence. via Hotair

This bill, written up in the dark of night, eliminates all mandate for the border fence. The democrat leadership will do anything they can to destroy America. In addition, George Bush is smirking at the fact that no fence will be built in Texas. Bush makes me sick. The most globalistic pro-life liberal I’ve ever seen.

I’m still at a loss for words on the scumbag democrats pushing through a 3400+ page bill giving congress 24 hours to look at it. This kind of deceitful legislation is totally reprehensible.

Hunter says: “Good for drug smugglers, bad for America.”

Who knows what else is in this bill that we still don’t know about.

So far we know:

  • 10 million dollars to provide emergency assistance to the attorneys of illegal aliens
  • cutting the White house request for 77 million dollars for Homeland Security’s domestic nuclear detection office
  • eliminating all mandates put forth in the previous immigration bill requiring a double border fence along our southern border

Screw the dems and their globalistic, socialistic anti-American policies.

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