Video: "On the first day of Christmas, the liberals gave to me"

by Infidelesto on December 12, 2007 · 6 comments

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The NRSC has put out a freakish liberal version of “The twelve days of Christmas”, and it ends with:

“If you thought our singing was bad . . .Just wait until the Democrats get their hands on your paycheck next year.”

via Malkin

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  • Larry

    I love these theme blogs. It always fascinates me how people can write about the same inane topics over and over again in the same inane fashion.

    The surprising thing about you Wingnuts is, in person you are so unexpectedly reticent. You’d think the bravado, and bluster that emanates from your keyboards would at least partially translate itself into the real world.

    But alas…

    Let me guess, you don’t like “Liberals” or “Muslims?”

    Do you really think they give a shit?

    As for your comment about “Liberals” taking your money, maybe you should get a better job, then you could afford a CPA who would help you find one of the myriad of loopholes in our tax code.

    Well, keep up the great work. You wouldn’t want to lose the three readers you have, and who knows, maybe I’ll visit again.

    Like I said, I love theme blogs. Caricatures are so bloody interesting.

  • Infidelesto

    Well, first off, I’m glad you “love” my blog.

    Inane topics? Islamic terrorism is hardly an Inane subject…keep telling yourself there is no threat to the West. Go read a book or something. You elites act so much like the “know-it-alls” when really you know nothing about world history, politics or religion, and even if you did, you are fully incapable of responding to a debate without rude personal insults.

    You can bloviate your criticism and denials of the threat of mankind all day long, but the fact remains that people are being killed and denied basic human rights all over the world every day in the name of Islam. Oh, but I’m sure it’s America’s fault right? the great Satan, right?

    You also said, “Let me guess, you don’t like “Liberals” or “Muslims?”

    I loathe liberalism and I loathe Muslims who won’t speak out against Islamic terrorism and who won’t take action against it. It’s called REFORM. I think I have every reason to dislike liberals, and their socialist dreams and suppport good muslims who speak out against the atrocities of muslims and non-muslims alike.

    you also said, “Do you really think they give a shit?”

    And I care because? Do you think I write this blog to gain favor from idiots like you? hahahahha

    Typical liberal, “maybe you should, blah blah blah”. you sound like a pathetic third grader trying to be cool in front of his kickball buddies. Do you have an argument for socialism? or are you just going to keep bloviating?

    Liberals love to use personal insults to make them feel better about themselves. God forbid you actually bring any intellectual discussion to the table.

    Keep pretending you are sooo “intellectual” and “educated”, but you reveal your true “elitism” by not being able to handle a debate when confronted with reality. You idiot libs just blow my mind.

  • Tonto

    Guess you’re a californio, foreigner or some such….got to be a liberal. And I guess you live in a yuppie area that caters to liberal pukes. Sorry to bust your bubble big boy….but you could get your ass kicked in some of the places I frequent…and I don’t care how “bad” you percieve yourself. Every badass runs into a bigger badass sooner or later.
    I don’t like liberals, snotty yuppies, or strident dimwitocrats. I don’t give a damn what religion someone is, and I certainly don’t need for them to be in my face with it. Assholes really piss me off, of whatever stripe. I try to walk away, but if they’re really in my face and corfrontation is unavoidable, I’ll unload all of it. So stay out of Tennessee, so there’s no posibility I’ll have to adjust your attitude and we’ll both be alright. You can be all the smug butthead you’re capable of being….over there. I can just scroll you away without damaging knuckles that way.
    Oh, one more thing. Liberals won’t take my money away. I work for cash and don’t pay taxes….only sales tax. And pay cash.

  • Tonto

    I love working for liberals. They’ll pay outrageous prices for what they want, and pay cash. I got paid for checking the halogen liquid level in a liberal ladie’s HEADLIGHTS…….HEEEE!

  • Arianne

    Trolls are funny. :)

  • Tom Terrific

    Arianne “Trolls are funny”

    Especially when the troll was the one trolled :-)