Austrian politician: Mohammed a child abuser

by Infidelesto on January 15, 2008 · 2 comments

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And, of course, the local Imams “aren’t ruling out violent protests”.

This is getting really old and quite pathetic reporting about the same ole intolerant-muslims who want to destroy free speech around the world.  When will the western socialist liberals get their heads out of the sand.

A politician has described the prophet Mohamed as a “child abuser” and warned that Austria faces an “Islamic immigration tsunami” that will make half of the country Muslim within two decades.

Susanne Winter, a lawyer, is a member of Austria’s conservative Freedom Party. Her smiling face on campaign placards in the southern city of Graz is accompanied by the slogans “no home for radical Islam” and “she hits the nail on the head”.

Leaders of the country’s Islamic groups said they could not rule out “violent protests” as a result of her remarks. The Foreign Ministry was reported to have issued an alert to its embassies in Islamic countries.

Mainstream parties distanced themselves from Ms Winter. Walter Ferk, a leading Social Democrat and deputy mayor of Graz, said her remarks were “pure racism and obvious discrimination against a community that has been recognised in Austria for many years”. He pointed out that Graz had the smallest population of Muslims in Austria.

Ms Winter, 50, is a candidate for her party in this weekend’s local elections in Graz. She told a rally of some 3,000 supporters on Sunday that Islam was a “totalitarian system” which deserved to be “chucked back to where it came from: on the other side of the Mediterranean

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  • Al Lahsuks

    Ms. Winter for PREZ. In 2008!!!!!!


    The raw,cold TRUTH.That's what she has said.

    If telling the truth isn't allowed,why call it 'democracy',then?