Fired Pentagon Counterterrorism official getting support from Military leaders

by Infidelesto on January 11, 2008 · 0 comments

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It’s really disturbing when one of the country’s top experts on Islamic Jihad is fired because of other Islam apologists in the Pentagon. How can we win the war on Islamic jihad when our top brass are firing any tough critics of Islam? doesn’t look good….At least some military leaders are showing their support.

Some Pentagon and military leaders, along with lots of working-level officials, are quietly rallying to support ousted Joint Staff counterterrorism analyst Stephen Coughlin.
Pentagon officials said a number of generals and admirals who share Mr. Coughlin’s well-reasoned assessment of the Islamic law underpinnings of Islamist terror are voicing support for the lawyer and former military intelligence official.

But defense and military officials supportive of Mr. Coughlin said the real reason is that critics, like Mr. Islam. want him sidelined because they oppose his hard-to-refute views on the relationship between Islamic law and Islamist jihad doctrine. Those views have triggered a harsh debate challenging the widespread and politically correct view of Islam as a religion of peace hijacked by extremists.

“Steve Coughlin is the most knowledgeable person in the U.S. government on Islamic law,” said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney. “The secretary of defense should ensure that he stays at DOD.”

Another booster is Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Samuel Helland, commanding general of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Corps, who said in November that Mr. Coughlin’s briefing for Marines bound for Iraq “hit the mark in explaining how jihadists use the Koran to justify their actions.”

“Your presentation has armed service men and women with more intellectual ammunition to take the fight to the enemy,” Gen. Helland said in a letter.

A U.S. Central Command analyst, Neal Harper, stated in an e-mail to friends, that if Mr. Coughlin is allowed to become a casualty in the war of ideas “then I’m deeply concerned about the future course of the war on terrorism.”

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