Gaza blackout is Hamas deception

by Infidelesto on January 21, 2008 · 1 comment

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Israel is NOT causing a blackout. Israel directly supplies 75% of Gaza’s electricity, sends fuel for 20% more, and the last 5% comes from that loyal Arab ally Egypt. It is the fuel that was cut off, reducing the electricity by only 20%. Hamas is faking the blackout.

No independent organizations confirm the Hamas’ claims. Israeli military sources report: Hamas is staging a crisis to drum up international intercession and mobilize the Palestinian Authority and Arab League to end the blockade of the Gaza Strip while continuing to shoot missiles at Israel.

When 6 Million Jews were being slaughtered, the world didn’t raise a pinky. When Arabs lose electric power or some gas deliveries–a humanitarian tragedy. 150 rocket slam Sderot in 4 days-who cares? Incovenience Gaza. Ohhh!!!

Israeli officials claimed Monday that the Gaza blackout was deliberately instigated by Hamas, in a bid to present the appearance of a humanitarian crisis.

Kids march over alleged blackout by the Israeli governmentAccording to the IDF, Israel was still providing 75 percent of Gaza’s electricity, while Egypt provided an additional 5%. Israel said that it was not interested in a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and would “act quickly” to prevent it.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday night appealed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the Mideast Quartet and the Arab League to exert pressure on Israel to remove the blockade from the Gaza Strip and resume fuel supplies.

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    Hamas is employing the Koran santioned, taqiyya, lying to infidels. The MSM is all too eager to eat it up….