Geert Wilders anti-Islam film coming out this week

by Infidelesto on January 20, 2008 · 9 comments

Do you like this story?

And the Dutch are crapping their pants anticipating a flurry of intolerant Muslims expressing their “right” to be violent for offending the mooooslims.

Of course they label the author a “radical”

What’s more radical? getting violent? or freedom of expression?

From the Guardian

Counter-terrorism alert as a Dutch right-winger launches a movie that will denounce the Koran

The Dutch government is bracing itself for violent protests following the scheduled broadcast this week of a provocative anti-Muslim film by a radical right-wing politician who has threatened to broadcast images of the Koran being torn up and otherwise desecrated.

Cabinet ministers and officials, fearing a repetition of the crisis sparked by the publication of cartoons of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper two years ago, have held a series of crisis meetings and ordered counter-terrorist services to draw up security plans. Dutch nationals overseas have been asked to register with their embassies and local mayors in the Netherlands have been put on standby.

Geert Wilders, one of nine members of the extremist VVD (Freedom) party in the 150-seat Dutch lower house, has promised that his film will be broadcast – on television or on the internet – whatever the pressure may be. It will, he claims, reveal the Koran as ‘source of inspiration for intolerance, murder and terror’.

Dutch diplomats are already trying to pre-empt international reaction. ‘It is difficult to anticipate the content of the film, but freedom of expression doesn’t mean the right to offend,’ said Maxime Verhagen, the Foreign Minister.

Dutch diplomats are already trying to pre-empt international reaction. ‘It is difficult to anticipate the content of the film, but freedom of expression doesn’t mean the right to offend,’ said Maxime Verhagen, the Foreign Minister, who was in Madrid to attend the Alliance of Civilisations, an international forum aimed at reducing tensions between the Islamic world and the West. In Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other towns with large Muslim populations, imams say they have needed to ‘calm down’ growing anger in their communities.

If freedom doesn’t give you the right to offend, then what does hell does “freedom” mean to these leftist dhimmis?

What’s interesting is the last paragraph of this article:

During a visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg last week, Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun, the Grand Mufti of Syria, said that, were Wilders was seen to tear up or burn a Koran in his film, ‘this will simply mean he is inciting wars and bloodshed … It is the responsibility of the Dutch people to stop him.

Of course, in Islam, if you offend the prophet, the Moooslims have every right to wage “wars” and “bloodshed”.

This idiot Mufti from Syria is verifying what we already know. He knows it, and we all know it. Islam is a violent, cultish, masogynistic, subjugating religion which will always defend terrorism against innocent civilians and non-Muslims.

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  • Banjo

    The Dutch, fond believers in multiculti, will find a way to make sure this never happens again.

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  • roy dongen

    Some mistakes to correct. Wilders is not a member of the largest opposition party in the Netherlands named the VVD (Peoples Party for Freedom and Democracy) but the nationalist PVV (Party for Freedom). Secondly the indeed incorrect respond from some Muslim’s should not been representative for all Muslims. Even in the Netherlands we have Christian politicians who deny woman to vote or to wear trousers and are just as backward conservative as these Muslims…

  • Klaus

    This just shows that Islam is a cancer on this world… so lets use some nukes and give Earth some radio-therapy!

  • el

    why the big fuss about something that nobody knows the contents of yet?
    millions of muslims infiltrated into western countries and that’s not a problem, but they know that there are mega differences between those 2 worlds. if they don’t like the way the western people think or live their lives, then let them stay away from there! I have no interest of living in their countries, simply because i don’t feel valued as a human being.
    we’re not offending any religion, but we’re fighting a way of thinking. their way is hatred, revenge and threat. i don’t think we should bend for it! it’s ridiculous that worldwide so much attention is focused on islam and how they will not rest before all of us are down under, simply because we don’t think the way they do. again, let them stay in their own countries if they cannot adjust.