Geert Wilders: "Holland governed by fear of Islam"

by Infidelesto on January 23, 2008 · 28 comments

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He’s delayed the release of his film and told by authorities to leave the country. He came out swingin today…

A politician has warned that a “fear of Islam” is governing Holland after he delayed the release of a short film attacking the Koran.

Geert Wilders, 44, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, who compares the Muslim holy book to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, sparked government panic after saying the anti-Islam film would be released tomorrow.

As Dutch police prepared for a weekend of riots and Mr Wilders was told by the authorities that he would have to leave country, he launched a new attack on “intolerant” Islam while announcing that his 10-minute film attacking the Muslim faith would be postponed for two weeks.

“If I had announced that I was going to make a film about the fascist character of the Bible would there have been a crisis meeting of Holland’s security forces?” he wrote to the Volkskrant newspaper.

“Would I have received as many death threats as I have done since announcing I was making a film about the Koran? Of course not.”

Iran’s parliament, the Majlis, this week warned of “extensive repercussions from Muslims throughout the globe” if the film was broadcast.


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  • Josh R

    Where are the Americans to stand up for the Brave Dutch politician! BTW, just because England has given in and been welcoming Islam into its houses doesn’t mean Holland has to follow the terrible footsteps. The Muslims have been funding major intellectual terrorist groups, aka Harvard U, UCLA, ACLU, Diversity studies 101, Princeton Center for virtues, etc. The nightmare has just begun–which Prez will liberate us from this ongoing tragic habit. Who indeed. No body.

  • Ron

    Stands behind Geert Wilders!!

    And totally agree with Josh.

    England is just too weak, I can’t believe they Banished an Israeli from GB just because he said something about the Palestinian-Arabs but felt it was very appropriate Welcoming a Hizballa Terrorist leader into their country!!

  • Rudy

    I stand with him as well. I have sent him a bit of $$$$ to help hims with legal fees against the terrorists… er muslims… er same thing… :)

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  • mecca

    islam regards woman as chateels to produce kid that will kill more non muslim.
    thats how they can have 4 wifes to produce more kid and then take over the non muslim through majority and war.
    varios laws are set to destroy the non muslim.the kafirs lost their existence in saudi arabia,iraq,iran,pakistan,afhganistan,tajiskistan,kazagasthan,indonesi,
    kashmir,bangladesh,libya and the list goes on

  • james

    Geert Wilders is a terrorist who is terrorising people about other people’s religion. We can not be happy if we make others unhappy period.

  • Rudy


    What the hell are you talking about? All Wilders does is tell the TRUTH. How in the hell does that make him a terrorist? He does not call for slaughtering all muslims and making a Christian Empire over the entire world (muslims do). He does not send Christians to blow themselves up in mosques, schools, hospitals, busses, trains, airplanes and any place else full of non-believers (muslims do). All he wants is to protect his home, and stop muslims from continuing to pollute the world. Making muslims unhappy by telling the truth about their cult is not terrorism. Killing people simply because they are not stupid enough to worship the pedophile muhammad IS. You can go and stick your head in the sand if you want, but I prefer to fight evil, and protect MY Country, my culture, my freedom, and YOUR freedom to say stupid crap like your comment.

    • kafur

      Well said Rudy, I thoroughly agree. Whilst im at it also Id like to say that it isnt “England” that is too weak to fight these B…strds. it is the UK GOVERNMENT….the people hate Islam, and are ready to fight back to protect the country, but when we do, we get arrested due to a law that protects Islam. We are stuck.

      We even have to eat halal food, our kids learn Islam in some schools…whenever theres an argument… the muslims is declared right

  • Rudy


    We know. That is why we spread the truth here, and on thousands of other blogs.

  • jen tha rednek

    Mecca, I hope you realize that you’re spewing non-sense. The United States is the greatest country in the world and if you think the good god-fearin, shot-gun totin’ citizens of this country are gonna let it be taken over by a bunch of pedophile worshipers, well, eat your wheaties that morning buddy! We have the freedom and the will to stop an Islamic invasion. I am a member of a local militia, our goal is to stop you and anyone like you by any means possible! Our freedom is golden and we will fight for it!

  • shloka

    Totally agree about Islam and terrorism Every year in my country India there a couple of terrorist blasts done by Muslims. Wish we had someone like Gilders in India

  • Abdul Faisal Salmo

    This guy Greert Wilders is a cocksucker.  Kick him out of Netherlands. He masturbates a lot.

    • kafur

      you stupid muslim twat

  • Kal-El


    Better he masturbates in the privacy of his home, as opposed to molesting little children, like pedophile Muhammad. Or livestock, as is popular in Saudi – YES! I know all about Saudi Barbaria’s, and islam’s dirty secrets. I know all about the imam’s raping little boys in madrassas in Pakistan. Instead, all the jihadi muslims should leave The Netherlands, and all of Europe, Australia, and the Americas. Jihadists are NOT WANTED in the West. Go blow yourselves up, preferably in Makkah. If islam is so wonderful, why do MILLIONS of muslims leave the ummah? Is it perhaps because living in muslim countries is pure hell on earth, thanks to shariah law? Or is it perhaps for the continuation of pedophile Muhammad’s jihad against the entire world, started 1432 years ago?

  • Ali

    First of all, I have to say that most Muslims were against what happened
    Second, I have some points and I need your honestly answers:
    1- In Europe, a man may kill his girlfriend or his wife because she had sex with another. Men are behind half of the crimes committed against women in Europe. So why don’t European men keep their feelings and do nothing when they are angry???
    2- If the same thing happened to Jews, can you say ” The Netherlands is a democracy and freedom of expression is allowed. He was highlighting some aspects of Jew that are intolerant” ???
    3- Mohammed had 9 wives. According to the bible, Solomon married hundreds of wives. David married tens of wives. So why would Christians accept Solomon and David as prophets and refuse Mohammed to be so???

    • kafur

      I dont know who told you that we in europe can kill females if we wish….only muslims murder like this, not humans. 2. There you go again, muslims cant wait to slag jews off can they.3. Christians do NOT say Solomom was a “Prophet” neither David. They were both KINGS! Mohammed isnt a prophet because he was a murderer, thhief, liar, cheat, war lord, paedophile…but most of all HE ACTUALLY SAID that he wasnt a “prophet”…he was also an epileptic that had visions this caNhappen when people have fits ..occaisionally)


  • simon

    because he was a peodophile and married a nine year old girl… prophets of god don’t have sex with children… simple as that really

  • Ali

    First, you just answered one question out of three. Second,If you really know Mohammad, you will not say what you said. Please read Mohammad’s biogarphy before you give any openion.
    The first marrage of Mohammad when his age was 25 from 40 years old woman and he spent 25 years only with this woman until she died with 65 years old. 

    It is better to visit this link and you can say what you want: 

    And the following are some sites for who really want to know anything about the Prophet Mohammad before the judjment:

    • kafur

      why do you fucking muslims ALWAYS assume that noone knows about your vile religion and the evils child abuser mohhammed. Of course we knowabout Islam,,, all you do is make a statement, throw a load of text up and depart. Why dont you stay and argue with us, and well show you how wrong you are and youll leave this vile political party Islam, its certainly not a religion!

  • Chris


       Islam still OK’s pedophilia so stop with the excuses.
  • Ali

    You have started the discussion and attacked on the Islam without background or proof and when I tried to clarify Islam, you asked me to stop. Do you think this is the civilized way for the discussion ??!!

    Moreover, when I asked you some questions, you could not answer them and tried to convert the discussion to cover your weakness.

    We are in open discussion and we have to be more logical and democracy. 
    At least, you have to know little right information about what you attack.
    I know a lot about Christian whereas you know little incorrect information form joshes and Islam’s enemies.

    Finally, I will not show you what Muslims said, I will show you what honest non-Muslims (westerns and others) said about Prophet Mohammad in the following link:

    and you can check in any library throughout the world for this information.

  • Chris

    Ali this site is full of proof against Islam. 

    Let us know when you go to the Middle East and tell them that they have Islam all wrong.
  • Mahdii

    you people suck

    1- Prophet muhammed didnt have sex with his 9 year old wife till her age was more than 15 years old

    2- people in middle east get puberty before northerns because of hot weather

    so Dont Be Stupid

    • funkybarfly

      You are not helping your cause,Mahdii.

    • kafur

      what a load of tripe………. the hadith is quite clear that this pig you call a prophet “Consumated” the “marriage ” to Aiesha at the age of NINE not FIFTEEN you lying twat NINE. I think a bit of TAQUIYYA
      is being used by our dear Mahdi.
      Islam is also quite clear that there is NO underage limit for sex, and “THIGHING” is often used on girls
      AND BOYS as young as ONE DAY OLD. ONE FUCKING DAY !!! You sick fucks. Its all researchable!

  • Mahdii

    you people suck

    1- Prophet muhammed didnt have sex with his 9 year old wife till her age was more than 15 years old

    2- people in middle east get puberty before northerns because of hot weather

    so Dont Be Stupid

  • funkybarfly

    You are not helping your cause,Mahdii.