Muslims call for hate-filled bishop to resign

by Infidelesto on January 6, 2008 · 2 comments

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so what’s his hatred?  Claiming that Muslim neighborhoods are taking over several communities, making Christians in those areas uncomfortable because of the religious and cultural pressure.  Yea, and compare that to calling for the death and destruction of infidels, Kufars and all the rest.  The destruction of the western world and sympathy for terrorists isn’t hate-filled. ok…

Telegraph via WZIP

Religious groups [Muslims] have demanded the resignation of the Bishop of Rochester after he claimed that Islamic radicals had turned parts of Britain into “no-go” areas for non-Muslims.

The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali wrote in The Sunday Telegraph that fundamentalism had made some communities hostile to Christians and those from other faiths.

But Mohammed Shafiq, from the Ramadhan Foundation, said: “Mr Nazir-Ali is promoting hatred towards Muslims and should resign.”

I call on all Imam’s to resign for promoting hatred against Infidels.

Ajmal Masroor, of the Islamic Society of Great Britain, said: “It’s a distortion of reality. Our communities are far more integrated than they were 10 years ago.

“If the Church of England had an iota of fairness they would take serious action.”

If the religion of Islam had an iota of fairness, they would take serious action and reform the hatred coming out of the Koran, Surra, and Hadith.

But senior figures from the Church of England have backed the Bishop of Rochester’s remarks about faith and said Christians in predominantly Muslim areas could feel isolated and nervous about how to express their belief.

The Bishop of Burnley, the Rt Rev John Goddard, said his colleague had raised serious questions about the role of faith, race and culture in British society.

The Bishop of Blackburn, the Rt Rev Nicholas Reade, said it was becoming difficult for Christians to share their faith in areas where there was a high proportion of other faiths.


“When you engage in proclaiming the Christian faith in an area dominated by another religion, I and others tread very carefully so that the message is heard and not seen as some sort of oppression.”

Bishop Goddard said Christians in northern towns such as Blackburn and Burnley, where 95 per cent of the Asian population is Muslim, could find life difficult.

 What he is saying is exactly true.  Muslims will eventually drive out anything that is not Islamic.

“I think they sometimes feel as though they are strangers,” he said. “It is a question of how people of different beliefs work together. Of course, the vast majority of Muslims are peace loving.”

Yea, and Kafirs and Infidels don’t work so well when Muslims look at them as sub-human.  Oh, and of course, the peace loving Muslims will do anything they can to embrace the infidel communities.



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  • Tonto

    Islamics need to learn to “chill” or be chilled. Personally I’ve had enough hearing about worldwide slaughter of people, muslim and non-mislim, on a daily basis. Police authorities need to go after these clowns HARD. Jail ‘em, Try ‘em, and sentence ‘em. Here in the states, they keep a lower profile because they know they can get their asses kicked…..elsewhere they need to work on that (kickin’ muslim ass, that is). I don’t care about religion. I don’t need anybody in my face about any of it.

  • Banjo

    I think the Moslems should be congratulated for their new moderation. I have not as yet heard of any calls to behead the Bishop.