Peaceful Muslims issue death threat for Geert Wilders on Youtube

by Infidelesto on January 25, 2008 · 14 comments

Do you like this story?

It was only a matter of time before Geert Wilders became Islamic enemy number 1 in the eyes of the radical pukes.

Of course you won’t dare see a “moderate Muslim” condemn the actions of the puke who made this video…only hating me and other infidels for reporting it.

Via Weasel Zippers

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  • Tonto

    I guess it’s only fair. I been taking pics of the leading ‘rab scuzbags to the range for years, even pass ‘em around. I have jewish friends that post them on their ‘friges. Nothing better than to tear up a target made from obl’s face or nasrallah, or abidgotajob with .45 slugs. Occasionally I throw up a rosie Odumbass, or a jane funda. Makes me feel …….peaceful.

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  • Rudy

    NICE! But why waste the .45 rounds on their photos? I’d rather steal a quran and let the stray dog in my apartment complex relieve itself on it. Or line rabbit cages with quran pages. If we incite them to riot in their countries, they kill each other in their stupidity. Means fewer of them to blow themselves up in proximity to our brave troops :)

  • Muhammad

    The Danes and other Europeans must start a Cartoon series devoted to expose evils of “religion of peace”.
    Some great topics would be:
    1. Muhammad’s marriage to Ayesha (Muhammad 50 years, Ayesha 6 years)
    2. Muhammad’s honeymoon – Ayesha’s nightmare (Muhammad 53 years, Ayesha 9 years)
    and so on…

  • Rudy


    Hell yes! The cartoon’s title could be “My Husband, Grandpa” :P

  • Kelly Martel

    Geert Wilders is a genius. He is exposing the dark hateful and supremacist underbelly of Islam. Muslims say they are peaceful, but it really means is become a Muslims or submit to Muslim rule or they will kill you. That is the dirty truth that lies at the heart of Islam. If this is not true, then lets see the harmony, human rights, peace, and tolerance that Muslims lie about all the time. If you challenge Muslims to show the greatness and real peace, they threaten to kill you. It is amazing that anyone in the West believes that Islam is not a toxic religion.

  • Imam Mark

    whats funny is that i used to have campains at ottawa university against these muslim lies and all… i used to be a christian preacher..but after converting to islam i became an imam.. And after i saw his fitna film i would say 2 things: 1.every single verse he stated was ou of context because every one deals with wars on the days of the prophets and even the insults of the jews is sooo stupid and shows lack of knowledge lol … i feel pity towards those who will fall for it loool. 2. there is a difference between extreme muslims who will also misunderstand the quran and then will make us look bad by preaching hatred and so on…
    if we are ignorant not to do homework then its our problem.
    if i am ignorant i would say that the Bible has terror idiologies (i know the bible and the quran inside out)..and a lot of porn (ezikeeeel) and so on and so forth.
    an amazing average of 4-6 people come to my office monthly to declare their conversion to islam…what? are they terrorists2? welcome to tha club babe loool.

  • Pormadi

    I think that movie will make a great problem between islam and the others. Maybe, what Samuel Huntington will happen soon. But I hope all of the religious leaders both of Islams and christians should calm down their people ang keeping the peace between them

  • Rudy


    you poor ignorant creature. I have lived in the middle east now for the better part of 5 years. None of what you say has any credibility, as I have seen all the aspects of the quran put into practice. Whether it is the beheading of infidels (it’s allowed in the quran) to slavery (it’s allowed in the quran) to raping women (it’s allowed in the quran), to molesting childrend (it’s in the quran),to beating women (it’s allowed in the quran) to terrorism itself (mohamhead said “I am made victorious through terror”), NONE of those verses are taken out of context.
    Every day people are killed by muslims in the name of islam, be they christian, jew, muslim, buddhist, etc…, so don’t start trying to spout that crap about the bible having terror ideaologies to try to make some weak ass moral equivalence argument. I never heard a Cardinal, Bishop, Priest, Pastor or any other non muslim faith leader call for the extermination of muslims. You know, like mahmoood I’m A Damn Nut Job from Iran did when he saidhe wants to wipe Israel from the map. Was that taken out of context?

    We are not ignorant about the book of terror, the bombmaker’s bible that you name the quran. That is YOUR problem. We see you for what you are.
    Take your taqqiya and go somewhere else. Your cheap rhetoric is of no use to you here, we are not the illiterate masses of bangladesh who were conquered and taken by islam, nor will we ever bow to the cult of death.

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  • John

    As someone who lectures on Islam and the Koran let me assure you that Jihad “is” a major theme throughout the book, and was Muhammed’s principle modus operandi. Islam is all about conquest and total dominion – conversion by force. Indeed, all Moslem countries use force and threats to maintain Islam, and allow no alternative. If you are looking for Jihad verses listed check out prophetofdoom (net), for starters. By the way, Infidels, atheists, skeptics and the likes do Christianity a service, by raising issues that need to be addressed. Which is why, as a Christian apologist, I like to review web sites like this when researching . Freedom of speech must be protected at all costs. No belief system should be beyond critique. If you can’t stand the heat, you shouldn’t be in the kitchen. If you need threats and violence to protect your worldview it’s not worth a bean. Let people say what they want, and offer a better and more reasonable option, which Christianity does, I believe. Cheers!

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  • Anonymous

    The threat against Geert Wilders was issued by a true follower of Mohammed (may the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits).