Philippine Muslims want a state

by Infidelesto on January 10, 2008 · 2 comments

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Yep that’s right.  Muslims in the slums of Philippines want their very own Sharia ruled, Islamic state. And guess what…the Government wants to give it to em.

The Philippines government will push for the creation of a federal Islamic state in the country’s troubled south as part of efforts to forge a peace agreement with Muslim separatist rebels, an official said Wednesday.

Jesus Dureza, presidential adviser on peace talks with insurgent groups in the Philippines, said the government will seek amendments to the country’s constitution to allow the establishment of ‘a federal Bangsamoro (Muslim nation) governance unit.’

The creation of the federal Islamic state will pave the way for the expansion of the existing autonomous Muslim region in the strife-torn region of Mindanao, which is a key issue in peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).  read more

How pathetic is this? Does anyone have an ounce of fortitude in standing up to Islamic threats? Since when is appeasement the only option? Appeasing Iran while they still threaten our Navy, kill our troops, and verbalize and publicize their hatred for the US and Israel on a weekly basis. Appeasing North Korea as they seemingly agreed to deconstruct their nuclear program while secretly passing on their knowledge to Syria, appeasing Hamas and the Palestinians who elected them by saying they deserve a state even though they have vowed to destroy Israel no matter what. I’m so sick of the pacifistic nature of the left.

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  • Jeff Davis

    They will get it as well. “The Philippine government is drafting a constitutional amendment that would authorize the establishment of a federal homeland for Muslims in the south of the country. ”

  • http://InfidelsAreCool Barney

    Their goal is the world-wide caliphate.
    Giving them a state just gives them a base where they can allow illegal activities to finance arms build-up.
    It’ll get worse.

    Insist on government agents listening to the Friday sermons to the people coming straight from terrorist headquarters.